Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Bristol Day 1A

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End of Day 1a chip count

28 players remaining:

Rickie Vedhara 104,100
Jamie Reeve 91,900
James Gawen 82,900
John Taramas 77,900
David Anstice 75,900
Scott McCarthy 72,400
Peter Wigglesworth 60,100
Brenin Williams 53,500
David Maudlin 48,100
James Dempsey 44,900
Matt Dale 42,700
Roy Milton 39,800
Chao Li 39,600
Neil Sillick 36,400
Frank Flanagan 35,600
Andrew Gibb 32,300
Steven Johnston 31,700
Owen Lock 30,700
Steve Milton 28,300
Ashley Brown 26,500
Paul Munday 26,100
Julian Thew 25,700
Paul Loughlin 25,000
Graham Pound 24,900
Peter Leeper 21,200
Stefan Borrman 20,300
Scott Henry 19,300
Mark Cawthra 12,200

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Kray Twins Are Victorious

Ciro Russo Gets All His Chips In With The Kray Twins

He Is Called By His Opponent Who Tables Pocket Queens.

When A King Lands On The Flop, Russo Is In Superb Shape To Double Up

Against His Opponent Who Fails To Improve On The Turn & River.

Final Pot: 29200.

Simon Kenna - Out in last hand of Day 1a

In an all action hand, Matt Dale raises to 4500, James Gawen re-pops to 10k and Simon Kenna goes all in for just over 25k.

Matt faces a tough decision but folds and afterwards says he folded queens (and with one coming on the river that was a strong but ultimately disappointing fold for him.

James calls the re-raise all in however and shows AA against Simon’s AK. the rockets hold up and Simon is out.

Play has now ended for Day 1A – chip counts to follow.

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Tom Carpenter is actually Simon Kenna

We’re not sure how this happened. We’re sorry. The infallible ‘piece of paper with a number on it which players must take with them at all times’ method of player identification has been shown to be fallible.

The last two reports of ‘Tom Carpenter’ were about the player who’s real name is actually Simon Kenna. Simon was nearly felted with 99 vs QJ and then doubled through with AA vs 55.

A New And Improved Piece Of Paper System™ is in hasty development for Day 1B tomorrow.

The attatched photo is of the real Simon Kenna. Who apparently looks like Danny Dyer.

Milton Doubles Through Dempsey's Kray Twins.

Both Players Get Their Money In Pre-Flop.

Milton Shows A9 While Dempsey Shows The Mighty Kray Twins.

The Flop Brings: 10, 8, 2

Turn: 5

River: A

Milton Manages To Beat the Kray Twins This Time To Double Up.

Daren Lury - Out

29 players remain.

Reports of Carpenter's near demise premature...

In a valiant struggle, Tom built his short stack up to 16k when, in the SB and after a raise to 4200 on blinds of 800/1600 he re-raises all in for 15,100. The BB calls, and the MP original raiser counts his stack, counts again and folds.

The BB shows 55, and Tom tables AA.

No 5 to help John Lundy in the BB and Tom doubles up to just over 35k

Haughton - Out

Haughton’s A2 was no match to his opponents J J and is eliminated in the final level of today.

Board: 837Q8

Bousfield - out

John Bousfield has been knocked out.

Carpenter felted (nearly)

Tom Carpenter’s pocket 9s got out-drawn by QJ in an all-in pre-flop raising battle when a Q spiked the river.

Tom is currently nursing 1 BB having played a solid game all day.