Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Nottingham Day 2 - Final

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It's all over

Keys raised to 95k and Bedi pushed. Keys thought briefly before announcing the call. A 9 for Bedi, A 7 for Keys. The first card out – 9 – was great for Bedi but the next three – T 5 J – gave Keys some interesting possibilities. However, the J on the river gave the pot and the tournament to Leicester’s very own Rupinder “George” Bedi. Congratulations to all the winners.

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A tense heads up battle so far

Rupinder Bedi is winning it though, grinding away with Keys card dead and/or unwilling to put a chip into the pot without a made hand of some sort. Keys is down to a little over 600,000 and Bedi with over a million more than that.

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James Keys v. Rupinder Bedi

James Keys

Rupinder Bedi

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No re-Bui

Bui moves in for the rest of his chips and is quickly called by Keys

Bui shows K 3

Keys shows 9 10

Flop 9 5 A

Turn 6

River. 5

And Bui is eliminated in 3rd place. He takes home £17,000

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Bui not gone yet

Basically all-in with his big blind, both Keys and Bedi see the flop and quickly check down the flop, turn and river. It doesn’t work though as Bui turns over Q 2 which matches the two 2s on the board to triple up.

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Bui takes a huge hit

Bui raised to 100k on the button and Bedi called from the big blind. The flop was 4 2 5. Bedi checked and Bui bet 100k. Bedi raised another 100k and Bui quickly moved all-in. Bedi double checked that Bui had indeed gone all-in and called for his remaining chips, proudly flipping over A 3 for the flopped straight. Bui had A K and was drawing to a chop. Turn A river 2 and Bedi doubled up. Bui is down to the felt.

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Level Up

They’re back and the blinds are up to an eye watering 20,000/40,000 with 4,000 antes.

The three remaining players are on a break

Rupinder Bedi – 539,000
Luong-Huu Bui – 943,000
James Keys – 765,000

A quick reprieve though

Rupinder moves all-in with AK against Luong-Huu who calls with AQ. The flop is 4 K J, the turn a 9 and the river a 5 to give Rupinder an instant double up.

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Rupinder Bedi mistimes bluff

In a battle of the blinds he reraises James Keys all in preflop. Keys eventually makes the call with K J which is well ahead of Bedi’s 5 9

Bedi has Keys covered which is just as well for him as the board immediately pairs Keys’ king and Bedi has to match the 378,000 from Keys’ stack using most of his.

Keys upto about 800,000 and Bedi down to 200,000. With the blinds at 15/30K and about to increase that’s practically down to the felt.

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