Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Nottingham Day 1B

News & Reports

Fronba doubles up through Hardy

Fronba moves in for all his chips in late position and is called by Hardy in the Big Blind.

They both table their cards. Fronba shows pocket Kings and Hardy flips over 10 J

Hardy manages to catch a 10 on the turn to improve his hand but fails to hit on the river and Fronba is awarded the pot.

Final board: 3 7 Q 10 5

Thompson doubles up through Moore

Thompson gets it all in pre-flop with Kings and Moore calls with A3

Moore’s hand does not improve and Thompson doubles up.

Final board: 2 2 8 9 7

Level up

Blinds are now 1500/3000 with a running anti of 300.

36 players remain.

Last Chip Counts of the Day

Place Name Chips
1 S Lawrence 196,800
2 Richard Howe 95,100
3 Gordon McArthur 79,500
4 James Keys 77,800
5 Daniel Byrom 69,600
6 C Young 57,900
7 Rupinder Bedi 55,300
8 Sam Wardlaw 55,200
9 Gary Moore 54,200
10 Anthony Chapman 49,700
11 S Outgajjouf 48,900
12 Xenophon Constantinou 44,600
13 Z Aslam 41,100
14 Steve Milton 40,300
15 Nichiei Hicks 37,900
16 Raj Dhiri 30,700
17 Ryan Fronba 30,200
18 James O’Connell 27,800
19 S Thompson 19,100
20 Carl Eglintine 18,300

Moss at a loss

Paul Moss raised to 3500 on the button and chip leader S. Lawrence peeled off the extra 1900 from the big blind. The flop came down J 9 2 and Lawrence checked. Moss bet 4100 and Lawrence deliberated before raising to 12k. Moss insta-pushed for a further 30k-ish and Lawrence called. Moss revealed his red aces with a flourish but was aghast to see Lawrence’s black twos. K 9 on the turn and river sent Moss to the rail on the very last hand of a nine hour shift. It’s a cruel game. Lawrence will start day 2 with an gargantuan stack of 197k.

Lynch is out

21 remain.

Another elimination

S Lawrence eliminates Darren Laverick.

Laverick moves all-in, in early position. Lawrence goes into the tank for a few minutes and makes the call with pocket nines.

Laverick shows AK.

Flop 5 J 2

Turn Q

River 3

And Laverick is knocked out, 22 players remain.

Byrom dented by McCarthy

G. McCarthy raised to 4k on the button and Daniel Byrom reraised to 10k in the small blind. The big blind stepped aside and McCarthy added another 10k. Byrom insta-pushed and McCarthy insta-called for his remaining 25k. A A for McCarthy, J J for Byrom. There were no fireworks from the dealer as the aces held up on a 5 T 4 T 3 board.

Last level up of the night

Blinds are now 800/1600 with a running anti of 100

25 players remain.

Frazer gone

Ian Frazer raised on the button and Richard Howe set him all-in. A quick call from Frazer and it was a classic race: ace-king for Frazer against the pocket tens of Howe. A ten high board spelled the end of Frazer’s bid.