Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Nottingham Day 1A

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Final Counts

David Maudlin 107,400
Donovan Borton 96,000
Paul Hardy 94,600
Graham Clarkson 82,900
Tom Rutter 75,800
Luong-Huu Bui 70,600
Dave Colclough 64,900
Oliver Stone 60,500
Michael Millar 58,500
Maria Demetriou 49,000
Steven Collins 47,400
Robert Plaistow 46,600
G Izuogu 40,900
Dominic Kay 37,400
Richard Whitmore 37,400
Jonothon Butters 34,800
James Woodruff 23,800 13,900
Tuan Le 20,900
Brian Brown 18,900
Billy Quang Ngo 17,600
Steven Laughlin 13,700
Kev Smith 9,800
Richard Haile 7,700

We’ll be back tomorrow with action from Day 1B, starting at 3pm.

Play has finished for the day

Full chip counts will be posted shortly.

Oliver Stone directs dramatic finale

Having spent the last hour folding and bemoaning his abysmal hole cards, Oliver Stone finally puts in a pre-flop raise – an additional 5400. Surely this will command enormous respect from the rest of the table? It is folded to Tuan Le in the big blind who reraises another 9000. Stone ponders briefly before moving all-in for a further 14900 and Le insta-calls. He has the goods, K K, but Stone’s A J is not without hope. The board runs out 7 4 8 ... Stone arises and dons his jacket… 4 ... Stone raps his knuckles on the table in recognition of Le’s hand… A! He sits back down. Former chip leader Le is crippled.

El Blondie on the move

After a very slow start he’s now well above average, putting pressure on players as the night draws to a close and up to about 63,000.

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Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy, Oi Oi Oi

Ray Gilbert raised to 4k in early position and Ozzy Izuogu reraised to 12k from the cut-off, with just 4.5k behind. Gilbert announced he had a decision to make before eventually setting Izuogu all-in. The call was obligatory. Q Q for Izuogu, A J for Gilbert. The board fell 8 7 3 7 6, giving Izuogu a much needed boost.

Woodruff doubles up on Hardy

A short-stacked Woodruff moves all in and is quickly called by Hardy.

Hardy shows AQ
Woodruff shows K10

The flop is 3 6 6

Turn: K

River: 4

Woodruff lives a little longer.

Kev Smith Chasing Aceys

On a board of 5 8 T Dave Maudlin bets out and is reraised all-in by Kev Smith. Dave thinks for several minutes before a third player calls the clock. He eventually makes the call, almost 30,000 and a large portion of his stack, showing just pocket 9s.

It’s a great call and the 9s are ahead to the A 8 of Smith, only for the A and T to follow and give Smith the better two pair and one of the largest stacks left.

Millar grinds Le's stack

Michael Millar raised to 5,000 in early position and Tuan Le reraised to 15,000 in the cut-off. Millar called. The flop was 5 7 4. Millar moved all-in for 11,900 and Le quickly called. 7 7 gave Millar top set, which was virtually invincible against Le’s A T. Turn and river were A 6 and Millar doubled up.

Burton Knocks out Marco Camilleri

A short stacked Camilleri moves in for his final chips and is called by 3 other players.

The flop comes 3 9 7 and Burton bets out. All other players fold and Burton shows his Aces which is behind Cameilleri’s 9 3 for two pair.

The turn produces a 5 and the river is a 7 which gives Burton a better two pair to knock out Camilleri.

Final Level For The Day

The blinds are up to 800/1600 with a 100 ante.