Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Edinburgh Day 2 - Final

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Game over man. game over

Returning from the break and the players have reached a deal. With the blinds getting very large and the chip counts close an equal split has been decided upon, with Colin Wu declared the nominal winner and taking the grand final seat!

Colin Wu, Robin Yiltalo and Rory Mathews all collect £20,500.

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At the break Colin Wu is chip leader but there’s not much in it.

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Scott scotched

Robin Yiltalo raised to 42k on the button and Phil Scott moved all-in from the big blind. Yiltalo called immediately with Q Q, which were in good shape against Scott’s A 8. However, it looked like Yiltalo was about to suffer his second bad beat in quick succession when the flop fell 9 6 J, but it wasn’t to be for Scott as the turn and river were T 4. He leaves the tournament in 4th place and trousers £7300.

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Phil Scott raises UTG 42,000

Rory Mathews immediately moves all in, putting in his large stack of blue 10,000 chips which is plenty to cover Phil. The two blinds move aside and Phil thinks, or at least gives the impression of doing so, before throwing in his cards.

Scott all in again

Robin Yiltalo raises to 42,000 from under the gun/cut off. Scott moves all in for another 41,500 on top and after Mathews folds his big blind Yiltalo is compelled to call.
It’s A 6 for Yiltalo and A 2 They don’t get too excited as this would be a split pot half the time.
However, this is the other half and Scott claims the pot when 9 3 6 Q K gives him a flush for the win

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Phil Scott is all-in

Colin Wu makes it 40,000 under the gun and Phil Scott moves quickly all-in. The blinds pass and Wu asks for a count of the raise which is only 39,000 more.

With the blinds and antes in as well Wu thinks for much longer than would be expected before turning over KQ offsuit. Scott turns shows the same hand and the pot is unsurprisingly split.

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Mathews v Yiltalo

Rory Mathews made it 36k under the gun and Robin Yiltalo called on the button. The blinds let them fight it out. Mathews led out for 40k on a flop of 2 5 5 and Yiltalo called. Mathews checked the 2 on the turn and Yiltalo fired 80k into the middle, which Mathews called. The 3 on the river was checked by Mathews and Yiltalo asked for a count of his opponent’s remaining chips. Eventually he checked and Mathews showed A J which was enough to scoop a big pot against Yiltalo’s K 6. Thoughtful stuff from both players.

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That's not enough....

As Colin Wu throws in his blinds he’s reminded that the blinds have just gone up and he needs to put in more. He throws in the additional chips and turns to the significantly shorter stacked Phil Scott, remarking “it’s f***ing expensive”! “YOU think it’s expensive!?” is the incredulous reply from the Scott.

Blinds up

8,000/16,000 with a 1,500 running ante.

Lapwood gone

Richard Lapwood moves his bowl of rice into the middle and is called by Robin Yiltalo and Colin Wu in the blinds. They check it down all the way and the final board reads 2 4 7 9 3. Lapwood shows 4 3 for two pair but Yiltalo has a bigger two pair with 9 2 and former chip leader Lapwood hits the rail taking 5th place and £5100.

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