Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Edinburgh Day 1B

News & Reports

Final chip counts

Rank – Name – Chips – Trend

1 Colin Wu 92,300 6,300
2 John Welsh 73,300 -14,700
3 K Stebbing 72,400 67,575
4 Mohammed Imran 71,400 31,525
5 P Scott 67,000 34,400
6 Nick Loader 53,500 -8,625
7 Alistair Findlay 51,800 -6,100
8 Barry Chalmers 47,700 5,850
9 Charles Denton 46,600 -5,700
10 John Dick 45,200 11,825
11 Shahid Aslami 44,200 18,200
12 John Lynch 34,200 9,200
13 Mark Greenwood 33,600 4,375
14 Rizwan Hussein 29,100 7,825
15 Steven Grant 27,500
16 Adrian Coombes 24,600 10,225
17 Robert Gillion 21,300 -300
18 Karen Wilson 19,300 -9,375
19 Carl Eglintine 17,400 -2,125
20 Murray Angus 16,800 6,500
21 Jamie Coonan 14,600 -8,075
22 John Burns 14,600 10,625
23 Tony Corrolla 10,800 -1,900

Henrik Hoeg Heads Home

Henrik Hoeg got it all-in pre-flop with A-Q against Barry Chalmers’ A-K. The board ran out low and sent Hoeg to the rail.

Shikari out

It’s a battle of the blinds as Saleem Shikari’s J Q goes up against John Welsh’s A 8 The flop of 2 7 A sees a check from Shikari, a bet of 2000 from Welsh and then a check raise all in for 12800 more from Shikari.
Welsh doesn’t like having to face another tough decision and is up out of his seat while he considers the possibilities. He does eventually make the call and to pair holds up. Shikari eliminated.

Remaining Four Tables

Renee Wilson out

It had become desperate for Renee and she moved in with K 4
Mohammed Imran knew her range was massive and made the call with A 8 No improvement for Renee and she is out.

UPDATE – we’ve just found out that on the hand previously she had been unlucky to lose with AK vs a dominated AJ which left her on the short stack.

QQQQ for Wu

Colin Wu’s pocket queens are upgraded to quads and he manages to get paid thanks to the ace on the flop. Wu now has 86,000.

Andrew Booth eliminated

Andrew Booth got it all-in pre-flop with 9-9 against John Dick’s A-K. The flop of 3-4-5 brings extra outs for Dick but he doesn’t need them when turn and river come A-K, sending Booth to the rail.

Drama at at table 2

There is plenty of action pre-flop and also on the flop of J 9 6 but both Charles Denton and John Welsh check the ace on the turn. The river is the 5 and Denton moves all in for 29700. The pot stood at 35000 before Denton’s bet and Welsh is put to the test.
He takes an age to make his decision as he pieces together the action. Eventually he calls the clock on himself and folds, showing K K . The ace might well have saved him from losing a lot more as Denton says he will be friendly and show his hand. It’s J J for the flopped set.
Welsh will have hated the sight of that ace but as it turns out he should be thankful that he had enough reason to fold his hand.

Level up

Blinds are now 600/1200 with a running ante of 100.

Greenwood doubles up

Jon Lynch limped in middle position and Mark Greenwood checked his option in the big blind. The flop came down J 2 8. Greenwood checked and Lynch bet 4000. Greenwood raised all-in for an extra 15k. After much thought Lynch made the call with K J only to find he had let Greenwood in with a big blind special of 8 2. Turn 4 and river 6 gave Greenwood the double-up.