Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Edinburgh Day 1A

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Higgins crushed on last hand of the day

On the last hand of the day John Higgins’ A Q makes top pair but is cruelly outdrawn by Michael McCool’s 8 10 which makes the flush. Higgins’ stack is so small he may well not bother coming back for day 2.

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Essen M proves fatal

Stan Essen’s micro stack had an M of only just over 1 so it’s no surprise to see him now departed.
That means we are down to two tables with the end of the day’s play only minutes away.

Bousfield busts

GCBPT double final tableist John Bousfield held A-T against 8-8 all-in pre-flop. The eights tripped up and Bousfield leaves empty handed this time.

Essen on the brink

Stan Essen moves all in for 19700 from mid-position and Robin Yiltalo also moves in for 16200. Everyone else folds and Essen shows 9 10 which is a long way behind Yiltalo’s J J
The dealer peels off A 7 J 7 5 giving a full house to Yiltalo. Essen gets change but will be lucky to make it to the end of the day.

Browning left frowning

Neil Stewart raises to 3200 under the gun. Mick McCool, who punished the same raise by moving all-in two hands previously, decides just to call it this time. It is folded to James Browning in the big blind. When he doesn’t fold quickly, McCool tries to goad him into the squeeze play. Browning agrees it is tempting and says that the more McCool talks, the more tempted he is. Finally, he tells McCool he has talked him into it and pushes all-in. Unfortunately for him, Stewart insta-calls and McCool mucks with a chuckle. 5 2 for Browning, A Q for Stewart. The flop of K A 8 helps Stewart but the 4 on the turn gives Browning some outs. Any spade, any three. Sadly for him the 6 on the river is a brick and Browning hits the rail.

Has the squeeze play become too well-known to remain an effective tournament tactic?

Haile unfortunate

Richard Haile finds a hand and moves all in from early position but play is quickly halted when it is realised that the button has not been moved on from the previous hand. The hand is declared dead and Haile forlornly tosses his cards back towards the dealer.

Two Wrights don't make a Wrong

With the blinds at 600/1200, Keith Wright raised to 6k in late position. It was folded to Nick Wright in the big blind who raised another 14k. Keith thought long and hard before moving all-in for another 40k or so. Nick passed but rolled his eyes when Keith tabled J J. Did he pass a winner?

Blinds up

The blinds for the final level of the day are now 600/1200 with a 100 ante.

Colin Pearson out

2007 GCBPT Teesside champion, Colin Pearson, has been eliminated by Nick Wright. Wright raised to 4k preflop and Pearson moved all-in for another 13k. Wright called with J J but was in bad shape against Pearson’s Q Q. Two hearts appeared on the flop giving Wright an unlikely runner-runner flush draw. Turn heart and river heart sent the former champion to the rail in the cruellest possible way.

After being down to 4k early in the day, Wright has now amassed around 75k, putting him in or near the chip lead.

Hendry out, Higgins still going strong

Paul Hendry pushed his last chips in pre-flop with 8 9 and was called by Phil Starrs holding Q Q There was some hope for Hendry as A 5 7 and 7 appeared but the 8 on the river was no good for Hendry and he is eliminated.

Meanwhile John Higgins has been steadily going about business and has around 44,000.

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