GBPT Bristol Day 3

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Hand 161

Akery’s BB.
Joe calls and Rob checks.
The flop is 9 5 10
Rob checks, Joe bets 35,000 and is called
The turn is 6
Rob checks again and Joe fires out a bet of 100,000
Rob moves all in for an extra 473,000 and Joe decides his hand is good enough to call.
Rob shows 8 2 and is on a draw.
Joe has 10 5 for two pair.
The tension mounts as the dealer peels off the river card….....and it’s the 10
Joe makes a full house and we have a winner!

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Hand 160

Beevers’ BB.
Rob passes.

Hand 159

Akery’s BB.
Joe calls, Rob raises another 75,000.
Joe passes.

Hand 158

Beevers’ BB.
Rob folds.

Hand 157

Akery’s BB.
Joe folds.

Hand 156

Beevers’ BB.
Akery passes.

Hand 155

Akery’s BB.
Joe raises to 75,000. Rob passes.
Joe’s aggression is seeing him take control.

Hand 155

Beevers’ BB.
Rob folds from the small blind.

Hand 154

Akery’s BB.
Joe calls and Rob makes it another 75,000.
Joe wants to see a flop and calls.
The flop is 4 K J
Rob bets out for 90,000.
Joe responds with a raise to 200,000.
It seems that Rob was stealing and folds his hand.

Hand 153

Beevers’ BB
Rob calls, and Joe checks.
The flop is K 6 A
Both check and the turn is 5 Joe checks, Rob bets 70,000 and is called.
The river is 4
Joe bets 30,000 and is called.

Joe shows A 2 for top pair and Rob mucks