GBPT Bristol Day 2

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Tomorrow's televised table

Players will resume tomorrow with the following chip counts:

Roland de Wolfe – 315,400
Charalambos Xanthos – 205,500
Manuel Palanca – 203,900
Joe Beevers – 185,800
Neil Channing – 166,200
Matt Tyler – 162,700
Rob Akery – 146,600
Barny Boatman – 114,100

The TV bubble bursts

Mark Stuart moved all-in from the cut-off for an additional 18900. Roland de Wolfe and Barny Boatman called from the blinds. The flop was Q 9 5. De Wolfe led out for 12000 and Barny called. The turn and river of 6 and K were checked down and de Wolfe flipped over Q J. Barny mucked and Stuart revealed his last hand of the tournament: A 8. He collects £6250.

Play will resume at 1:30pm tomorrow.

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Level up

That’s one hour’s worth of cautiously passing chips around to any sign of strength. Blinds have just gone up to 6,000/12,000 with a 1,000 ante

Nostradamus Charalambos

Bambos has just made a prediction – that the winner is going to come from London. When someone asks him if he includes himself in that, he does extend the borders of Greater London to include his home in Woking.

All in called

Mark Stuart moves all in pre-flop and is called by Neil Channing. Both show AK and the pot is split

Barny Boatman all in

Rob Akery made it 18K from the button, Barny pushed from the big blind and Rob folded.

Final table update

The first few hands of the final table have been quite cagey so far. Most raises have taken down the blinds straight away, although Matt Tyler did re-raise Roland de Wolfe who didn’t take long to fold his 7 7 face up.

Level up

Blinds 4000/8000, 800 ante.

Neil Channing takes the first hand

Neil Channing raises from early position and picks up the 14,400 in blinds and antes. The level will increase very shortly (the break was taken as the final table was formed) and we are playing down to 8 tonight.

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We have a final table!

Seat 1: Charalambos Xanthos – 228,900
Seat 2: Manuel Palanca – 252,300
Seat 3: Mark Stewart – 79,200
Seat 4: Rob Akery – 239,700
Seat 5: Roland de Wolfe – 203,700
Seat 6: Barny Boatman – 134,000
Seat 7: Matt Tyler – 70,900
Seat 8: Neil Channing – 217,100
Seat 9: Joe Beevers – 74,400