GBPT Bristol Day 1B

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End of Play

The end of todays play. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more updates…

Jani Johansson is all in

The dead stack of Jani Johansson is all in on the small blind. Neil Channing’s folded on the big blind and Antonio Esfandiari and Anthony Croalla are both in the hand so it’s an opportunity to quadruple up.

The flop is 5 8 10 and Esfandiari bets Croalla out after much talk of needing a call as he wants to go home. Esfandiari shows A K and the dead stack has A 10
3 4 on the end ensures that for the second day running the dead stack wins its all in at the end of the day and will be re-introduced into play tomorrow.

Channing and Kremser clash!

Neil Channing has had a ‘ghost’ player between him and Antonio Esfandiari all day and it chatting with Thomas Kremser who is watching the tournament.

Tournament Director Robin Blair elected to leave the chips in play and Neil, although he is to the immediate left of those chips which should put him at a disadvantage, agrees entirely with that decision. Thomas Kremser does not however, and believes that they should be taken out of play as they put the player on the right at a big advantage, and the player on the left at a big disadvantage.

Whilst this might be true, Neil’s argument, and presumably Robin’s thinking too, is that the chips have been paid for and the player is entitled to take his seat whenever he wants (as Andrew Feldman did today, if not out of choice, to make it back over his starting stack despite being crippled before playing a hand), and the players put at an advantage or disadvantage are done so at random. No-one with any sense claims poker is entirely a game of skill, at least in the short term.

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Last Pictures Today

Here are the last shot of each table today.

Table 1:

Table 2:

Table 3:

Table 4:

Lazarus is at table 3

Once again there were a couple of dead stacks on the tables today. Jani Johansson has been quietly bleeding chips to the rest of the table and currently sits on a measly 2225. The stack of Andrew Feldman was for a long time being similarly generous until he arrived all of a sudden having caught a taxi from London.
He has managed to rebuild and whilst below the average of 25,900, he does now have more than he started with – about 15,500.

Bower bows out

Nicholas Bower raised to 2100 under the gun and was called by Albert Sapiano in the cut-off, Ashiq Abdullah on the button and Jennifer Tilly in the small blind. Bower moved in for 6275 on a flop of 8 8 3 and was called by Abdullah. K Q for Bower, 7 7 for Abdullah. J and 6 on turn and river spelled the end of Bower’s tournament.

Antonio makes a 'world class' laydown.

Paul Gardner limps under the gun for 400, Antonio Esfandiari makes in 2,800 in middle position and then Neil Channing makes it 7,000 to go. Paul passes pretty quickly and Antonio thinks for a short while before throwing in AK face up. “A world class laydown” says Neil, completely sincere by the sound of it.

Neil upto 38,000, Antonio down to about 9,000, although he wins the next pot to bump himself up to just over 10.

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Carl Wahlberg doubles up

Ashiq Abdullah raised to 4000 on the button and Carl Wahlberg moved all-in for another 4000 from the big blind. Abdullah called and flipped over black threes. Wahlberg had black tens. The board read 4 9 2 7 4 and Wahlberg survived. Abdullah is down to 10000.

Wan found Wanting

Neil Kilgour called under the gun and Samuel Wan moved his short stack of 3550 across the line. Michael Clees minimum raised and everyone else got out of the way. Wan probably fancied his chances of doubling up with the black ladies but was not pleased to see Clees turn over black aces. The board read T 8 2 6 A and Wan hit the rail.

Matt Tylar feeling flush

Matt Tylar is put to a decision when Paul Gourlay bets 7000 into a pot of around 14000 with the board reading 9 Q 8 K 8
Tylar thinks it through but he’s already flat called a bet on the turn so can’t not also call here seeing as he’s hit a flush with his 5 6
Gourlay mucks without showing and Tylar rakes in a nice pot of around 28000.