Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Nottingham Day 2 - Final

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It's all over

Keys raised to 95k and Bedi pushed. Keys thought briefly before announcing the call. A 9 for Bedi, A 7 for Keys. The first card out – 9 – was great for Bedi but the next three – T 5 J – gave Keys some interesting possibilities. However, the J on the river gave the pot and the tournament to Leicester’s very own Rupinder “George” Bedi. Congratulations to all the winners.

A tense heads up battle so far

Rupinder Bedi is winning it though, grinding away with Keys card dead and/or unwilling to put a chip into the pot without a made hand of some sort. Keys is down to a little over 600,000 and Bedi with over a million more than that.

James Keys v. Rupinder Bedi

James Keys

Rupinder Bedi

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Rupinder Bedi - Winner of Nottingham Main Event
on 21/4/08
Rupinder Bedi - Winner of Nottingham Main Event

James Keys Heads Up
on 21/4/08
James Keys Heads Up

Latest In Focus Chip Counts

Place Player
Chip Count
1 Rupinder Bedi 2,240,000 565,000 Up
2 James Keys 0 -610,000 Down
3 Luong-Huu Bui 0 -943,000 Down
4 Tom Rutter 0 -430,000 Down
5 David Maudlin 0 -270,000 Down
6 Richard Howe 0 -382,000 Down
7 Daniel Byrom 0 -250,000 Down
8 Gordon McArthur 0 -98,000 Down
9 Steve Milton 0 -111,500 Down

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