Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Edinburgh Day 2 - Final

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Game over man. game over

Returning from the break and the players have reached a deal. With the blinds getting very large and the chip counts close an equal split has been decided upon, with Colin Wu declared the nominal winner and taking the grand final seat!

Colin Wu, Robin Yiltalo and Rory Mathews all collect £20,500.


At the break Colin Wu is chip leader but there’s not much in it.

Scott scotched

Robin Yiltalo raised to 42k on the button and Phil Scott moved all-in from the big blind. Yiltalo called immediately with Q Q, which were in good shape against Scott’s A 8. However, it looked like Yiltalo was about to suffer his second bad beat in quick succession when the flop fell 9 6 J, but it wasn’t to be for Scott as the turn and river were T 4. He leaves the tournament in 4th place and trousers £7300.

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Rory Mathews (right), GCBPT 2008 Edinburgh 3rd Place
on 3/3/08
Rory Mathews (right), GCBPT 2008 Edinburgh 3rd Place

Robin Yiltalo (right), GCBPT 2008 Edinburgh 2nd Place
on 3/3/08
Robin Yiltalo (right), GCBPT 2008 Edinburgh 2nd Place

Latest In Focus Chip Counts

Remaining players: 3

Place Player
Chip Count
1 Colin Wu 638,000 -52,000 Down
2 Robin Yiltalo 551,000 342,000 Up
3 Rory Mathews 544,000 24,000 Up
4 Phil Scott 0 -100,000 Down
5 Richard Lapwood 0 -527,000 Down
6 Jamie Coonan 0 -112,500 Down
7 John Lynch 0 -93,100 Down
8 Mark Greenwood 0 -104,200 Down
9 Alistair Findlay 0 -55,600 Down
10 John Higgins 0 -78,600 Down

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