Gala Casinos Poker Tour - Edinburgh Day 1A

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Higgins crushed on last hand of the day

On the last hand of the day John Higgins’ A Q makes top pair but is cruelly outdrawn by Michael McCool’s 8 10 which makes the flush. Higgins’ stack is so small he may well not bother coming back for day 2.

Essen M proves fatal

Stan Essen’s micro stack had an M of only just over 1 so it’s no surprise to see him now departed.
That means we are down to two tables with the end of the day’s play only minutes away.

Bousfield busts

GCBPT double final tableist John Bousfield held A-T against 8-8 all-in pre-flop. The eights tripped up and Bousfield leaves empty handed this time.

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Event Winner - Colin Wu
on 4/3/08
Event Winner - Colin Wu

Three players remain. Rory Mathews (right) Robin Yiltalo (left) and Colin Wu (Centre)
on 3/3/08
Three players remain. Rory Mathews (right) Robin Yiltalo (left) and Colin Wu (Centre)

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Remaining players: 18

Place Player
Chip Count
1 Neil Stewart 88,100 40,250 Up
2 Keith Wright 84,400 2,400 Up
3 Robbie Morelli 68,800 60,125 Up
4 Richard Lapwood 66,200 23,675 Up
5 Nick Wright 63,700 22,700 Up
6 Rory Matthews 56,800 44,950 Up
7 Steve Perry 52,400 5,500 Up
8 Ramon Demarco 49,800 14,475 Up
9 Michael McCool 47,900 32,700 Up
10 John Higgins 12,600 -31,400 Down

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