GBPT Bristol Day 3

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Hand 161

Akery’s BB.
Joe calls and Rob checks.
The flop is 9 5 10
Rob checks, Joe bets 35,000 and is called
The turn is 6
Rob checks again and Joe fires out a bet of 100,000
Rob moves all in for an extra 473,000 and Joe decides his hand is good enough to call.
Rob shows 8 2 and is on a draw.
Joe has 10 5 for two pair.
The tension mounts as the dealer peels off the river card….....and it’s the 10
Joe makes a full house and we have a winner!

Hand 160

Beevers’ BB.
Rob passes.

Hand 159

Akery’s BB.
Joe calls, Rob raises another 75,000.
Joe passes.

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GBPT Winner Joe Beevers (on the right)
on 12/11/07
GBPT Winner Joe Beevers (on the right)

Joe Beevers just won GBPT
on 12/11/07
Joe Beevers just won GBPT

Latest In Focus Chip Counts

Place Player
Chip Count
1 Joe Beevers 1,500,000 700,000 Up
2 Rob Akery 0 -700,000 Down
3 Barny Boatman 0 -456,000 Down
4 Charalambos Xanthos 0 -240,000 Down
5 Roland de Wolfe 0 -114,000 Down
6 Manuel Palanca 0 -233,000 Down
7 Matt Tyler 0 -92,000 Down
8 Neil Channing 0 -119,000 Down

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