GBPT Bristol Day 1B

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End of Play

The end of todays play. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more updates…

Jani Johansson is all in

The dead stack of Jani Johansson is all in on the small blind. Neil Channing’s folded on the big blind and Antonio Esfandiari and Anthony Croalla are both in the hand so it’s an opportunity to quadruple up.

The flop is 5 8 10 and Esfandiari bets Croalla out after much talk of needing a call as he wants to go home. Esfandiari shows A K and the dead stack has A 10
3 4 on the end ensures that for the second day running the dead stack wins its all in at the end of the day and will be re-introduced into play tomorrow.

Channing and Kremser clash!

Neil Channing has had a ‘ghost’ player between him and Antonio Esfandiari all day and it chatting with Thomas Kremser who is watching the tournament.

Tournament Director Robin Blair elected to leave the chips in play and Neil, although he is to the immediate left of those chips which should put him at a disadvantage, agrees entirely with that decision. Thomas Kremser does not however, and believes that they should be taken out of play as they put the player on the right at a big advantage, and the player on the left at a big disadvantage.

Whilst this might be true, Neil’s argument, and presumably Robin’s thinking too, is that the chips have been paid for and the player is entitled to take his seat whenever he wants (as Andrew Feldman did today, if not out of choice, to make it back over his starting stack despite being crippled before playing a hand), and the players put at an advantage or disadvantage are done so at random. No-one with any sense claims poker is entirely a game of skill, at least in the short term.

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GBPT Day 1B Table 4 Level 8 (300/600)
on 9/11/07
GBPT Day 1B Table 4 Level 8 (300/600)

GBPT Day 1B Table 1 Level 8 (300/600)
on 9/11/07
GBPT Day 1B Table 1 Level 8 (300/600)

Latest In Focus Chip Counts

Remaining players: 31

Place Player
Chip Count
1 Jennifer Tilly 74,100 7,100 Up
2 Jim Tierney 54,500 33,500 Up
3 Manuel Palanca 53,900 32,100 Up
4 Stan Essen 53,400 -11,600 Down
5 Jonathan Butters 47,575 13,575 Up
6 Albert Sapiano 46,350 14,350 Up
7 Neil Channing 42,625 4,625 Up
8 Paul Gardner 40,450 6,850 Up
9 Antonio Esfandiari 30,075 19,675 Up
10 Matt Tyler 21,700 -20,300 Down
11 Priyan Demel 17,925 -18,075 Down

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