GBPT Bristol Day 1A

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2 casualties on the final whistle

Just as play is about to wrap up for the day there are two eliminations.
The first is our other absentee for the day Giuseppe Pillitteri who is all in for 450 in the big blind. Roland de Wolfe raises to 2000 and all fold round. Pillitteri has 4 6 but de Wolfe has A K.spades which holds up.

Our other casualty is Rob Sherwood who can’t get away from the wrong end of a full house with the board showing 6 A K K A 6 Sherwood has a six but Mark Stewart has an ace and all the money goes in on the river.
Sherwood out, Stewart very healthy going into day 2.

Roland Rat?

Roland de Wolfe has been raising pre-flop to 1,500 every other hand. He does it again from early position and it’s folded round to Joe Beevers in the big blind, who smells a rat and makes it 4,500. Roland’s having none of that and moves his stack, another 17,000. Joe doesn’t take long to fold. No need for silliness with two minutes to the end of play.

Seagal wins his first hand of the day

Mark Seagal has not been present all day and has been blinded off to the point where he was just all in on the big blind. Rules here state that the hand is live even if the player is absent when all in so his cards would definitely contest this hand.
Barny Boatman raises to 2000 from mid-position and all fold round. Barny has 5 5.clubs and when Seagal’s cards are turned over he turns out to be favourite with K 10
The board is 2 A 10 Q 3 and Seagal doubles up with his first win of the day

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Tonight's last shot of each table
on 9/11/07
Tonight's last shot of each table

Tonight's last shot of each table
on 9/11/07
Tonight's last shot of each table

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Remaining players: 22

Place Player
Chip Count
1 Rob Akery 72,325 15,325 Up
2 Mark Stuart 55,225 2,225 Up
3 Joe Beevers 54,950 -8,050 Down
4 Mika Ollila 42,850 27,850 Up
5 Charalambos Xanthos 36,800 800 Up
6 Jitesh 'Jet' Thakker 36,625 15,825 Up
7 Barny Boatman 36,500 -3,500 Down
8 Andrew Flemming 35,200 -1,700 Down
9 Ian Woodley 34,775 12,775 Up
10 Chris Royle 33,475 10,475 Up

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