WSOP 2009: Let's Gamble Part II

Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

When Scotty Nguyen won the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. at the 2008 WSOP he defeated 147 opponents. The belief is that with the event not being televised this year numbers may be a little down. However looking at the other events and numbers on the up who really knows at this point?

So what price would you make Phil Ivey to win it? In 2006 some of you may remember that I tipped Phil Ivey to win this event at 33/1 with Stan James. The beauty of the bet was that only the players listed in the market counted so when Phil went 3 handed with eventual winner Chip Reece and Andy Bloch we were already weighed in. That year 143 took part.

Phil has backed himself to win a not inconsiderable sum to take this year's H.O.R.S.E crown and it would appear that all big layers are now full up. He wants more and he wants 30/1. So if you have a million or so to lose you know where to find him. 30/1 and he can't get anymore! It just shows you the man's confidence, but would you bet against Phil Ivey?

Ok yesterday's trivia answers...

Which poker player has won a gold bracelet event but didn't even get the buy in back?

When Phil Ivey won this year's $2,500 'deuce to seven' event to take his sixth gold bracelet first prize was $96,367. That wasn't important though. Phil had a mixture of bets with Daniel, Howard and others and collected $2.7 million for this achievement. The first prize of ninety six odd thousand was left for the dealer.

Which poker player has won a million dollars in tournament winnings each year for the last five years?

Hard to believe that anyone has done this. There are only 41 players who all time have won more than $5million and that includes the likes of people such as Jamie Gold. I had to double check but it is true that Erick Lindgren with lifetime tournament winnings of $7,365,688 (according to the world's number one poker database at TheHendonMob.com) has every year, 2004-2008 inclusive, won a million plus. So far this year he is up to $50,863 so he has his work cut out to keep it going.