WSOP 2009: Let's Gamble Part I

Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

I am going to start this Vegas diary with a trivia question or two...

Which poker player has won a gold bracelet event but didn't even get the buy in back?

Which poker player has won a million dollars in tournament winnings each year for the last five years?

I was sat next to one of poker's legends, and a shoe-in for this years Hall of Fame, Mike Sexton in the $5000 PLO Hi-Lo. In between hands Mike was constantly using his blackberry and I asked if he was engaging in the latest WSOP craze of Twittering. Not Mike, he had far more important things to do. A well known face was betting against Mike and choosing various players against him in a prop bet. A dozen players were chosen in all and each was a straight $10,000 bet against Mike to final table. So if Mike final tabled he could win a maximum of $120,000 and if one of the punters horses should final table and Mike didn't Mike loses's $10,000. I know which side I like, which side would you have?

If this wasn't enough I realised that Mike wouldn't be messing around in this event after Erick Lindgren walked past. Erick had just bust out of the 'round of each' having played for two full days and looked a little heated. He asked Mike to double book with him in the $5,000 PLO Hi-Lo and when Mike didn't bite immediately he offered a half double book, then he offered odds of 1.1 / 1 and eventually Mike agreed a full double book at the price. Even in his tilted state Erick took the time to say hello and shake my hand, one of poker's true gents and a great player but sadly a little too keen to sit down as he hadn't realised that Mike had already doubled his opening stack and would have 30% more chips than Erick as well! Half an hour later Erick walked back past our table. 'There's good news Mike, and there's bad news.' he said. 'The bad news is that I have doubled up, the good news is that I'm still on tilt!'

I should just mention what double booking is and here is a link to a previous article about Barry Greenstein that explains it.

Mike was telling me about the latest Phil Ivey bracelet bet. He has bet Howard Lederer $5,000,000 that he will win two or more bracelets in the next three years. The rules state that if the second bracelet comes in the WSOPE the bet is a push. Which side do you like? The general price for Phil to win a bracelet in any year is about 11/4.

Ted Forrest was asked which side he liked and he said. 'I like Howard's side but Phil will still win the bet.'

Trivia answers tomorrow...

Update: read the second part of this article