WSOP 2005 at the Rio

Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

2005 World Series of Poker, Las Vegas
Report by Joe on Saturday, 11 June 2005 at 7:16 pm

Our first diary from Las Vegas is probably a little overdue and much as I’d like to say we’ve been sitting by the pool all day we haven’t. The first week has gone by in a blur.

All four of us have made the money at least once (Ross twice) with Barny getting closest to gold. Ram and Ross have at some point accumulated big stacks and it’s only a matter of time before we have a Mobster on a final table. No European has won a bracelet yet but several of our friends have gone close; Dave Ulliot, Martin Green, Peter Costa, Jeff Duval, Dave Barnes, CT Law, Pascal Perrault and Harry Demetriou. I watched Harry for a while in the shorthanded $2500 NLH event. He had all the chips and looked very focused. He was very unlucky to not win his first bracelet.

All the talk here has been the size of the fields and without knowing exactly what the situation regarding online qualifiers for the main event is it is recommended that you buy your seat at the earliest opportunity. Rio management have suggested that it will sell out mid June!

The one thing that we got right this year was our accommodations. We are staying in condos on West Tropicana about a 7 minute drive to the Rio. All the apartments are two bedrooms with their own lounge, bathroom, kitchen and office. The Mob, Carlo and John Kabbaj have six different apartments between them. There are two shared pools which we generally can have to ourselves if we want as most of the apartments are owned by people who are working in Las Vegas and so they’re not here during the day. There are also two big gas powered barbeques and a guest house with TV and gym. It is value at about $1400 a month just to get away from the noise of slots and the temptation of Pai Gow and it’s a fair bit cheaper than staying at the Rio. I would recommend it to anyone.

We are scheduled to play all the events (except the seniors and the ladies) but with many events now spreading into three days, the big fields and slow structures mean that playing them all will be impossible.

There has been a fair amount of talk about Daniel Negreanu’s challenge at the Wynn Casino. He will play anybody at any game for any amount between $100,000 and $500,000. Barry Greenstein has been accused of putting Danny’s cash game expertise down but I sat with both of them at the same table the other day and they seemed the best of friends.

Closest to Gold for the Europeans so far has been Harry D…

Those of you who know Harry Demetriou will know that he is a very generous person (not at the poker table though) and his latest craze is costing him quite a few dollars but with incredible results.

At the 2003 WSOP Harry Demetriou presented Surinder Sunar with a Golden Cobra as a card protector and Surinder went onto finish second to Johny Chan in the $5000 NLH.


January 2004 and he gave Tony Bloom two small gold Lizards; Tony won the Aussie Millions.


Well he has just had made by his friend Jim, a Vegas jeweller, a gold Beaver and a gold CrazyHorse by special order for both myself and Ram as presents for us. What price a Mob one/two in the main event? And if we do have a result between us what price the next gold card protector, and who wants one? I believe that a two humped camel and a Barny Rubble are being made as I type.