The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

The Christmas Cracker 2003, Luton
£250 Pot Limit Hold'Em
Report by Joe on Saturday, 13 December 2003 at 4:27 pm

People always ask us, "How did you get the name ‘The Hendon Mob’, and can I join?" The four of us have been friends for a long time. We have travelled to poker tournaments all over the world together and we played in a private game in my flat in Hendon for a long time too. Sadly the poker room had to make way for a bigger office but it was probably because of that game that whenever the four of us, or part of, walked into a poker room players would shout, “Here come TheHendonMob”, or “Where’s the rest of The Hendon Mob”. When Victoria Coren wrote the first ever feature on The Mob for The London Evening Standard in September 2000 as a pre-empt to the first ever Poker Million she needed a title and so The Hendon Mob was born. As a matter of fact Ross and Barny live in Archway and Ram in Finchley which are both close enough.

Since September 2000 and the launch of the website (www.thehendonmob.com) in August 2001 a lot has happened. What is now happening more and more is that other ‘Mobs’ are popping up. We have the ‘Blackpool Mob’ who have been trying to get Ram on a transfer this week following his double at the Luton Christmas Cracker. Sorry boys but the transfer market is definitely closed on that one. There is the Irish Mob, but there are more than four of them, membership changes all the time and even the Mob themselves were honorary members when Scotty Gray made the WSOP final with Julian Gardner. Talking of Julian there is also the Manchester Mob and he’s the captain!

There a lot of fun in poker and Tony Chapman is the founder member of the ‘Alzheimer Mob’ which includes himself, Bob Coombes, Dave Barnes and they can’t remember who the other member is.

Luton is nearly over and we’re looking forward to reuniting friendships with the several Aussie Mob’s in Melbourne, in particular the Sydney Mob that always make us laugh.

To show there is no bad feeling between Mobs below is a picture of Blackpool Mob’s Godfather, Howard ‘ The Magician’ Plant (because he always makes his money disappear), wearing a Prima Poker Mob Tour T-Shirt. Howard is also a former Mobster of The Month. The T-Shirt brought Howard some luck as he made a good showing in the £200 NLH event this week wearing it.

The best the (Hendon) Mob could manage after such a great start to the first three tournaments was the last two or three tables in the £200 NLH and the £250 PLH yesterday.

The £500 NLH Main Event starts it about two hours so I’m off…

Full Result - Thursday, 11 December 8pm
£ 200 No Limit Holdem Unlimited Rebuys 90 Minutes

90 Entries / 127 Rebuys / £ 43,400

1st H Rowshanaei £13,000
2nd Paul Maxfield (England) £9,000
3rd Jac Arama (England) £7,250
4th Howard Plant (England) £6,750
5th Carlo Citrone (England) £2,600
6th Greg Winters £1,520
7th S Norwab £1,300
8th Steve McNamara £1,100
9th Charalambos Xanthos (Cyprus) £880