The Luck of the Irish?

Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

Five Star World Poker Classic, Las Vegas
$25,000 WPT No Limit Hold'em
Report by Joe on Tuesday, 20 April 2004 at 10:26 pm

Four Mobsters and two hundred and eight four others resumed the biggest money poker tournament of all time (well for a few weeks anyway) for the second day today, one Mobster and one hundred and twenty one others remain.

There was a re-draw for seats and I was more than happy to be second chip leader on my table with only 55,000. I didn’t recognise any of the names on my table either and found out that the guy on my left had only been playing poker for two weeks and this was his first tournament. First time round the table it passed to me on my small blind and I raised it up 2,000 more. Herb called on the big blind. I led at a flop of 10, 6, 2 and he made a very big raise. I tossed my Ace, Queen in the muck and he showed me 5, 6 off-suit. I knew it would be a hard day to steal but if I found some hands...if.

Barny was the first Mobster to go when he walked into trip tens. Ross was treading water and Ram was on his usual rollercoaster. Ram’s rollercoaster came off the rails half way through the day leaving just Ross and I left both with our starting stacks, about 50,000.

One of the noticeable things in this event was the lack of Irishmen. Rory Liffey was there with about 120,000 and going nicely. No sign of George McKeever, Noel Furlong, Owen Mullen, Frank Callaghan, Liam Flood or Scotty and Padraig. It may have had something to do with the fact that the Irish Open coincided with some of the earlier events, who knows? Rory lost a horrible pot that probably would have put him close to chip leader. He got all his chips in with Aces and got called by a straight draw that got there. There was nearly ¼ Million chips in the pot.

There may have been another Irishman in the field. He was sporting a green ‘Made in Ireland’ T-shirt and had been drawn onto table 51. Table 51 is the one right in the corner by the ropes and a huge crowd had gathered to watch that table. The ‘honorary’ Irishman was Ben Affleck. Every time he won a pot all the girls on the rail clapped and when he finally got knocked out in a huge three way pot Jack McClelland announced his demise and about 300 people gave him a round of applause!

I struggled all day. We played five levels and I never found a pair bigger than fives during the first four. My stack went up to 65,000 and then down to 20,000. I moved in three times and was more or less back to where I started. Howard Lederer was moved to an empty spot on my table and he had the most unbelievable rollercoaster. He came with 40,000 built it up to 225,000, got caught making a move against Herb on my left (if only he knew) and was back down to 20,000. He then rebuilt and won a big even money shot with Jacks going back to 200,000 and finished with 76,300 at the end of the day.

I managed to stay alive until well into the tenth level but was forced to make a move with pocket sixes when I found Herb on my left with pocket Kings. As I got up to leave I saw that Ross on the table next to me was re-raising someone out of the small blind. He bet a King high flop but he bet it weakly (probably looking for a raise). He bet the turn and river more strongly and finished up winning a nice pot with trip kings! He finished the day with over 200,000, well above average, and resumes tomorrow in good shape.

122 Players will start day three, 50 will make the money. Blinds will resume at 1500/3000 with a running ante of 400.

A few selected chip counts:

‘Rocky’ Ross Boatman 200,900
Ali Sarkeshik 122,400
Robin Keston 124,700
Adam Schoenfeld 122,500
Howard Lederer 76,300
Tony ‘The Lizard’ Bloom 45,400 (Tony doubled up right at the end of the day with quad Queens)
Jeff Lisandro 65,800
Martin De Kniff 167,500
Ted Forrest 363,700
Gus Hansen 119,900
Warren Karp 129,000
Patrick Bruel 84,000
Robert Williamson III 80,700
Antonio Esfandiari 258,000
Dan Harrington 166,000
Mike Matusow 207,700