Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas
$500 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
Report by Joe on Tuesday, 30 September 2003 at 12:51 am

Whilst the Freemont Street Experience light show was keeping thousands of tourists entertained Ram ‘CrazyHorse’ Vaswani was making his third final in four days. Barny and myself barely made it to halfway and Ross never really got going so it was left to Ram, one of the better European limit players, to make it to the final stages of the $500 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo.

Ram went to the final table with $6500 in chips, a little under average and multiple gold bracelet winner Layne Flack went to the final table as chip leader with $15,400 and two bottle of Coors Light. The blinds at this stage were $300/$600 with $600/$1200 levels and a one hour clock. There were $81,000 chips in play.

For a while any short stack that went all in doubled up. There were in fact a total of 17 all-ins before they lost one and went to eight players, four hands later there were six left. Ram managed his stack very well for the next hour or so and then when down to five he finally clashed in a pot with Layne where Ram got his final chips in on the turn and Layne called to outdraw, and knock Ram out in fifth, on the river.

You may have read that we like the spa here at the Nuggett. As well as a cardio room and a weights room it has a good sized jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. The steam room has an added feature that I have only ever seen here. Hanging from the ceiling is a metal chain which is attached to a lever which in turn is attached to a big dish about the size of a large serving plate. If you pull the lever you get covered in ice cold water. So basically if you are getting all steamed up and it’s just a little bit too hot for you then you pull the lever and you get an instant cool down. I think that the Victoria Cardroom in London should put one in the Salle de Prive for anyone that suffers a bad beat!

$500 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 81 Entrants

1 Layne Flack $15,715 Las Vegas, NV
2 Mike Crescanko $9,035 Phoenix, AZ
3 David Kutcher $4,715 Houston, TX
4 David Rabbi $2,750 Las Vegas, NV
5 Ram Vaswani $2,160 Hendon, UK
6 Max Pescatori $1,770 Milan, Italy
7 Geoffrey Waxler $1,375 San Diego, CA
8 Richard Klein $980 Denver, CO
9 Dale Kunkel $785 Washington, D.C.
Bubble Ken Wagner