Ram Goes Close Again

Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas
$300 7 Card Stud
Report by Joe on Friday, 10 September 2004 at 8:11 pm

Three tournaments into the Four Queens festival and Ram was in his second final; this time in the $300 Limit Stud event which attracted 71 entries. Just as he knocked me out when he finished third in the Pot Limit Omaha this time he had Barny amongst his scalps. He was a marginal chip leader going into the last eight and again just in front when they broke for dinner with four left.

There was a small distraction as the first game of the new American Football season was underway, Indianapolis at New England, and having expected plenty of passing and high scoring plays with two great quarterbacks on show we had played the markets accordingly. Unfortunately we were long first quarter points and an untimely interception from 7 yards out together with a couple of unnecessary incomplete passes meant the first quarter finished 3-0. Quickly into the second quarter and it went, field goal, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown – I know just another bad beat story.

By this time the dinner break was over and they were three handed when Ram completed the opening bet showing an Ace. His opponent, James Tippin, called showing a ten. The limits at this stage were 1500 / 3000 and any pot played to completion was going to be a big one if not an all-in situation. When Ram hit a five and checked Barny and I just looked at each other knowing that he had made ‘Aces Up’. By card six Ram showed A, 5, x, x and when James bet out with 10, 3, A, 2 it looked like the deuce had made him a second pair. Ram raised and now the pot was huge. Ram was all in and James was down to the felt. The cards went on their backs; Ram rolled over Ace, 5 in the hole for Aces up and James 10, 2 for tens up. Could Ram win his first event on the Tour after so many near misses?

Ram’s river card was no help but James managed to hit a ten and make a full house giving Ram his second 3rd place finish of the week.

James was now heads up with Vegas dealer Wayne Haynes. Wayne came back from a smallish stack to win and made his fourth cash of the festival having previously finishing 4th, 3rd and 2nd.

When we arrived here last Monday it was Labor (sic) Day and I went off to the Bellagio for a little cash action. I’m not sure why they call it Labor Day as no-one does any work (apart from a few Vegas pros) and the card room was teaming with long lists for every game. I asked a couple of Americans about Labor Day and it seemed as much of a mystery to them as it did to me.

They have two No Limit games in the Bellagio. The first is a standard $10 / $25 game which I played for a few hours and won a few hundred. The other is a structure that was a little new. The blinds are $2 / $5 and you have to buy in for $200, no more, no less. You can re-buy if you have $100 or less but you can’t weed off. This could make for some interesting strategies and I witnessed several new players moving all in pre-flop trying to build a stack – a bit like a £20 NLH re-buy event in Luton!

Full Result $300 Limit Holdem
71 Entrants
Total Prize Pool $20,661

1st Wayne Haynes $ 7,540
2nd James Tippin $ 4,545
3rd Ram 'Crazy Horse' Vaswani $ 2,685
4th Ed Klein $ 1,965
5th D'arcy Christensen $ 1,445
6th Glenn Smith $ 1,035
7th Bruce Corman $ 826
8th Nat Cooper $ 620