Ram 3 Rest of Mob 0 (possible opening to join Hendon Mob)

Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

Victor Poker Cup, London
Report by Joe on Saturday, 24 July 2004 at 4:07 pm

Ram’s diary after the first day, Wednesday 21st June, of The Victor Poker Cup ‘Quick Mob Double’ was soon out of date. I woke on the morning of the final, Friday 23rd, to open a text message from Ross which simply read, ‘Three Mobsters in the final’. I had told him before his heat that he should send the message and he duly obliged knocking out nearly everyone in his heat before finishing up heads up with Grub Smith with an unassailable chip advantage. Three was the maximum number we could get there as Ram knocked out Barny in third spot in their heat. It’s happened before, three Mobsters in the final. The first time was in the E-WSOP Trial in Vienna when Barny finished on the bubble; the second time was in the Aussie Millions in Melbourne and Ross was at home looking after Buster who had just been born and the third time was on the first ever event of The Prima Poker Tour when Barny, Ross and I all made the Omaha final at the Four Queens.

Barny set off to the studios at 4 pm yesterday to prepare for his commentary position and Ross and my car turned up at 5 pm. I had been lucky to have an extra day rest in-between whereas Ross hadn’t long been up and looked in need of coffee.

Victor Chandler, as sponsors, had priced up the event. Ram was 9/2 favourite, Ross was 5/1, Julian Gardner, John Kabbaj and I were 6/1, Garry Bush was 7/1 along with Irishman Paul Leckey, Harry Demetriou was 8/1, Sean Murphy 10/1 and Rory McInTyre was the 25/1 rag.

Twenty five to one! Who was Rory McIntrye? I had to agree with the Camel who posted on the Mob Forum that nobody who had come through the heats should be 25/1 so I managed to secure a small bet at which point Rory came up and introduced himself. He was a journalist that had originally qualified through a press event. As it happened Rory was first out, when he came up against Ram with pocket aces, and he tried to give me the stake money back! Of course I wouldn’t accept but I’m pondering having a stiffish bet on Phil Taylor to win the World Darts Match Play which starts tomorrow and I’m wondering that if I went to Blackpool whether Phil would have the same attitude if he happened to break his long winning sequence.

I didn’t start well and made a bad play with pocket jacks UTG against Paul who was sat on my right on the big blind and quickly lost about 25% of my stack.

With Rory gone it was Paul, John and Harry that were going best. The three Mobsters were all down to about 70,000 (from a starting stack of 100,000) when Paul raised to 14,000 in early position. On the button the aggressive playing Kabbaj made it 50,000 and Ram moved all in from the blind for 24,000 more. Paul made a small re-reraise with his pocket Kings, John passed pocket Jacks and Ram flipped over pocket Aces which held up and made him one of the chip leaders now with over 200,000.

John exited 9th soon afterwards when Harry flopped a set of sixes and John moved all in with an open ended straight draw that missed.

Down to eight I picked up K,Q under the gun and made the minimum raise. Ram doubled it and I called. The flop came J, 9, 2 and I moved all in for a little under the size of the pot and Ram called with his A, J knocking out Mobster number two!

Julian’s exit in seventh can only be described as unlucky. Following a misdeal he picked up pocket nines on the button and raised. Ram re-raised on the big blind and Julian called. Ram had those pocket aces again and they held up.

Sean Murphy had gone very low and was next out in 6th, which was handy for him as he had a 6 am flight booked home back to Ireland, and Garry was out in 5th when both picked up A, K in the same hand and Harry pocket tens. It was all in pre-flop and Harry flopped a set which made him chip leader again.

During one of the breaks I was walking around the studio when I noticed a long piece of paper attached to a camera. It had the numbers one to ten in a row with all the players’ names underneath it. Above the numbers were notes to remind the cameraman who was who. Above seat 4 (Harry) it said, ‘ordinary glasses’, above seat 7 (Ross) it said ‘balding’ and above Garry in seat 6 it said ‘big nose’. Needless to say there was a fair amount of ribbing going on.

Pizza arrived by the truck load and the free bar kept everyone in good spirits. All along the walls at Teddington Studios are pictures of programmes that have been made there; Pop Idol, This is Your Life, The Office and Men Behaving Badly to name a few.

Four left now and I was sat in the audience watching. Sat near me was Phil Rouse who proved he was a gentleman when he went off to get something for girlfriend Jackie who was feeling a little cold in the air-conditioned studio. He returned with a big pink towel!

Ram completed a clean sweep of Mob knockouts when he out-kicked Ross with K, 10 against K, 9 on a flop of K, 4, 2. At this point Ram pointed out that he had eliminated all three Mobsters and there were rumours that Barny, Ross and I might be looking for a replacement (only joking Ram).

Paul Leckie was next out in third when he lost a big pot to Harry whose army of little Owl mascots seemed to be doing him very well. Harry now had about 750,000 in chips out of the million in play. Chips moved back and forth for a while until Ram re-raised with A, K and Harry called with pocket nines. Now if it was Barny with the nines we just know that the Ace or King would come but Harry’s lucky Owls were still working their magic and Ram had to be content with the runner-up spot.

You can’t take anything away from Harry. He played a great game throughout in what can only be described as a ‘tough’ final. In his interview afterwards Harry had good words to be said about the event and the organisers and held no punches as he talked about ‘the Mickey Mouse rivals that don’t allow logos’.

The Victor Poker Cup will be shown in two one hour shows on Sky Sports (as well as several other TV stations worldwide), dates to be announced.

Full Result £5000 NLH 100 Entrants

1st Harry Demetriou £250,000
2nd Ram ‘CrazyHorse’ Vaswani £125,000
3rd Paul Leckey £50,000
4th ‘Rocky’ Ross Boatman £30,000
5th Garry Bush £15,000
6th Sean Murphy £10,000
7th Julian Gardner £5,000
8th Joe ‘The Elegance’ Beevers £5,000
9th John Kabbaj £5,000
10th Rory McIntyre £5,000