World Series of Poker, Las Vegas
$1,500 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
Report by Joe on Tuesday, 27 April 2004 at 4:43 am

Having barely made it to the third level in any of the WSOP events so far I was determined to put in a better showing today in the $1500 Omaha Hi-Lo Split Eight or Better. I have been trying to work out why my showings in the first three events have been so bad and I think that it is the adjustment from very slow multi day events to big field, faster structured shorter ones. I think that I have been spoilt playing such great events as the WPT $10,000 at the Commerce and the $25,000 WPT event at the Bellagio. The fact that the Bellagio gave double chips probably made the adjustment harder still.

I sat down with my Starbucks double shot skinny latte to find Barny, Dave Colclough, Paul Phillips and TJ Cloutier already waiting for the first hand to be dealt. Barny has outlasted the others (Mob) in more or less every event so far but today he was the one with the early exit. I don’t think he won a hand at all for two hours and when he went I was chip leader at our table with nearly $6,000 in chips. Three hundred and seventy four players started, 36 will get paid, and at the rate players were disappearing this event might be over by dinner. After two hours half the field had been eliminated and I was the only member of The Mob left.

I seemed to have finally readjusted and was going well when I was eliminated just before the dinner break when TJ cracked my aces and no low draw came either. Tomorrow is the Pot Limit Hold-em and I’m determined to make it past dinner!

One of the Americans on the table, who I didn’t know, related a story about how a young English guy went up to the reception yesterday in Binions, with his suitcase, and requested a room. ‘Thirty dollars a night sonny’, said the clerk. ‘...Oh, wait a minute, are you a poker player?’ she asked. Expecting a more favourable rate he replied in the affirmative only to be told, ‘...well in that case it’s $75 a night!’

I thought that this story couldn’t be true. Every casino that I have ever stayed at gives poker players discounts and some food comps. The Bellagio’s standard rate is about the $500 mark but poker players pay a little over $100. In the Golden Nugget, with their ‘new’ poker room, comps and discounted rooms are commonplace. Dave Colclough backed the story up though. He phoned about three weeks ago and booked a room in Binions at the ‘poker rate’ - $75 per night. When he checked in however and found out that people walking in off the street were getting rooms as low as $22 he checked out. He is now at the Nugget as well. I guess Harrah’s don’t care too kindly for poker players and I also hear that they have sold the Horseshoe to some company that owns racetracks (MTR?) and they are just running the event for them. Next year the WSOP will take place at the Rio with just the finals being staged downtown for posterity’s sake. Whatever you do don’t ask for ‘Poker Rate’ at the Rio – they are part of the same group as Harrahs!