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Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

The Midland Masters 2003, Walsall
£250 No Limit Hold'em
Report by Joe on Thursday, 27 November 2003 at 3:53 pm

In poker it’s important to keep making the right decisions consistently even if things aren’t going your way. Playing poker tournaments can be very rewarding and very frustrating too at times. Ross has been feeling a little pressure recently as it’s a while since he made a final table. In fact it’s been a while for me too. In the £250 NLH event last night Ross was there again two tables out until Graham Pound caught a gutshot on the river to send him off to the bar talking to himself. Ross has been in the last two or three tables every day this week and nearly every day at Helsinki as well. I remember when Teddy Sheringham came on as an England sub once when they were losing 1-0 in a World Cup qualifier. England had a corner and Teddy ran into the box, got up, and headed the equaliser with his first touch. If you keep putting yourself in the right position you will score eventually. Ram was out just before the money and with one to go before the final table Barny was chip leader. Three pots later, three bad beats later, and Barny was going to the final but with lowest chips. He finished tenth. Full result below.

I can remember an embarrassing and costly mistake I made playing online poker several months ago. I was playing three tables on the same PC, watching cricket on one TV and soccer on another whilst eating my Sunday roast and trying to spot the value on Betfair when I got dealt a pair of kings on the big blind. By the time the action got to me it was already three bets and I capped it. On the flop of 10, 6, 6 I got raised and again it went to the max. The turn brought a deuce I bet and called my opponents raise. The river was a dream, the King of spades, and I bet out at the same time that Marcus Trescothick got caught at slip and Arsenal equalised. My opponent raised, I dropped my dinner and as I hit the raise button I saw my kings get mucked and my opponent pushed the pot with several hundred dollars in it. What had happened was my hand from another table had come to the front on my PC and I hit the wrong button. Cost me dearly! I had also bought Trescothick runs and layed Arsenal and now my roast beef and Yorkshire were on the floor as well! I remember thinking that this could never happen in a live situation. How wrong can you be as you will shortly see!

In the £100 round of each (Omaha/ Hold-em) tournament here on Tuesday a local was heads up in a pot with player X. There was no roast dinner, no soccer, no cricket and no Betfair! Player X had called pre-flop and the local was on the big blind. The flop came down A, 10, 8 and when local checked player X bet the pot. The turn paired the Ace and both checked. The river brought a six and local player checked. Player X bet out 1,400 (the size of the pot) and as local player threw 4 x 1,000 chips into the pot player X, who had more chips, turned his hand over and threw it face up in the middle of the table. The dealer scooped up the four cards, put them in the muck and went to push the pot to the local. Player X screamed. We had all seen his hand which included an ace and a ten. He had passed the nuts on the river! He obviously didn’t realise he had been raised, he exposed his hand and his hand was dead. Before you ask the other player had A, 8. Player X went out two hands later and the local went deep into the money.

Full Result £ 250 No Limit Holdem
Unlimited Rebuys + Add On 90 Minutes

103 Entries / 98 Rebuys / £ 50,250

1st Farnood Sherkhan (Afghanistan) £6,610
1st Ash Pervais (England) £6,610
3rd J Grech £6,000
3rd M Al'Amiry £6,000
3rd Alan McClean (England) £6,000
3rd A Notman £6,000
3rd Willie Tann (England) £6,000
8th P Peters (England) £1,510
9th B Callinan £1,260
10th Barny Boatman (England) £1,260
11th Graham Pound (England) £1,000
12th C Christou (England) £1,000
13th J Hogarth £1,000