Overs and Unders

Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

Five Star World Poker Classic, Las Vegas
$5,000 Pot Limit Omaha
Report by Joe on Saturday, 17 April 2004 at 1:50 am

Today was supposed to be the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha event which was one of our most, if not the most, eagerly of awaited events. This was to be the biggest Omaha buyin event ever – until the Bellagio’s power outage that is. Jack McClelland decided to reduce the buy-in to $5,000 to accommodate more players and although several players badgered him to make it a re-buy event it remained a freeze-out. Yesterday I found myself in a discussion with Billy Gazes regarding the number of entrants and managed to secure a small wager on the over 50. I tried to get as much as I could, knowing that there was such a strong European contingent in town, but size was not available. Anyway 72 started, Billy taking care of my bar bill for the week, and with $360,000 prize money up for grabs there was a lot to play for.

With over half the field gone all four of The Mob were still there and Ram was chip leader. On the table next to us Barry Greenstein was now heads up with Patrick Bruel in the previous day’s $2,500 No Limit Hold-em final. This was quite a feat as Barry was also playing the $5,000 Omaha and was one of the chip leaders. He was forced to ante away a few rounds in the Omaha as he played Patrick for the title. All the chips went into the middle with Barry chip leader; Barry had 6h, 7h and Patrick pocket deuces. A six on the flop gave Barry $215,000 in prize money, first place and the opportunity to concentrate on the Omaha event. Barry eventually went out with three tables left.

The Omaha tournament was a tough field and Dave Colclough even told me that he wasn’t sure if it was worth playing with relatively few weak spots. He was right to an extent but about half way through the event a young Indian guy from Dallas was moved to our table and he sat on my left. He has several of pieces of paper with him and a pen. He was tracking every hand he played, what happened and how his chip stack changed. He also had a list of starting hands under the categories, early position, middle position and late position. I wasn’t sure how to take this but decided after chatting for a while that it was genuine. He told me that he knew he shouldn’t play too many hands. He had read that one hand in ten was about right and this helped him track if he was playing too many. After a while I realised that he wasn’t paying too much attention to his hand selection list and he told me that he was going to pass for the next three rounds as he had played three hands more than he was supposed too. So he got up and left the table for a while!

Barny was the first Mobster out and he went off to help host a cocktail party for the fourteen Prima Poker qualifiers who will play in the $2,500 super satellite tomorrow trying to win a seat in the $25,000 WPT main event that starts on Monday 19th April. It could well be the first million dollar super satellite ever.

This left us three tables out and with a Mobster on each one. It was hard work but as we got down to 18 and redrew Ross, Ram and I all managed to draw three seats in a row.

Ross finished an unlucky 13th, four places off the money, when his nut flush was beaten cruelly by a straight flush for nearly 100,000 chips by Theo Jorgensen from Denmark.

Ram and I go into tomorrow’s final with every chance but the line up is a tough one. We restart at 3pm.

Final Table of the $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha
Seat 1 Theo Jorgensen 235,500
Seat 2 Howard Lederer 76,500
Seat 3 Joe ‘The Elegance’ Beevers 38,000
Seat 4 Robert Williamson III 45,500
Seat 5 Alan Smurfit 45,500
Seat 6 Bill Gazes 43,500
Seat 7 Eli Babas 32,500
Seat 8 Noli Francisco 130,000
Seat 9 Ram ‘CrazyHorse’ Vaswani 73,000

Prize Money
1st $139,680
2nd $80,316
3rd $41,904
4th $24,444
5th 19,206
6th 15,714
7th $12,222
8th $8,730
9th $6,984

Result April 15, 2004 at 12:00 PM
Second Annual Five-Star World Poker Classic/WPT
Bellagio Buy-In $2,500 + $100
Prize Pool $501,975
Entries 207

1 Barry Greenstein (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA) $215,969 and incl a $25,300 entry in WPT Finals on April 19, 2004
2 Patrick Bruel (Paris, France) $95,335
3 George Barlett (Clinton, MD) $47,668
4 Eskimo Clark (Las Vegas, NV) $28,601
5 Jerry Young (Diamond Bar, CA) $21,450
6 Ali Sarkeshik (Northampton, England) $16,684
7 Meng La (Los Angeles, LA) $11,917
8 Jim McManus (Kenilworth, IL) $9,534
9 Scott Epstein (Las Vegas, NV) $7,627
10 Richard Brodie (Kirkland, WA) $5,720
11 Rodeen Talebi (Dallas, TX) $5,720
12 Keith Hawkins (Darlington, England) $5,720
13 Chris Bjorin (London, England) $5,243
14 Dennis Waterman (Myrtle Point, OR) $5,243
15 R. W. Miller (Henderson, NV) $5,243
16 Jason Gray (London, England) $4,767
17 Matt Keikoan (El Cerrito, CA) $4,767
18 Raymond Perches (Pasco, WA) $4,767