Poker Classics 2003, London
£500 7 Card Stud
Report by Joe on Thursday, 9 October 2003 at 1:20 am

Having played a number of tournaments in Las Vegas last week I am happy with the way that I have been playing but not too happy with my results. I went deep into nearly every event at the Four Queens and made two final tables but only made the money once. For those of you that have seen the film ‘Any Given Sunday’ with Al Pacino you will be familiar with one of my favourite scenes. It’s the one in the locker room when he gives the speech to his team and talks about “inches”. Poker can be about inches too and every single inch was important on my return to the Vic. A number of things have to happen for you to win a tournament and everything fell into place in the first event, the £300 Pot Limit Holdem.

I would like to thank everyone for all your kind wishes and congratulations, they are much appreciated.

I believe that, although it may not appear that way to some, that players in the UK suffer their bad beats better than those of our American friends in Las Vegas. I witnessed two players during the hold-em that I thought accepted their beats like gentleman. The first, and the worst, was when Mel Judah knocked out Willie Tan just before the money. Willie had been playing an ‘A’ game with his short stack when he found pocket Kings. He managed to get all his money in pre-flop against Mel’s pocket Queens. With a flop of K,10,2 it looked like Willie had doubled up at just the right time but the turn and river were cruel bringing a Jack and then and Ace. Willie got up quietly, smiled and walked away.
Andy Norman suffered a horrible beat on the final table when his AK was turned over by M Farooq’s Kd, 2d when the turn and river came runner, runner diamonds. Again Andy was a complete gent as he got up and left the table.

I was relatively happy throughout the event. I got chips early when I flopped a set of Jacks and worked my stack up to about 100,000 by the final. However I had the nightmare of nightmare draws when I found myself sat with Mike Magee on my right and Ali Maloo on my left. Anyone who knows these players knows just how aggressive they can be. The problem that I was faced with was that Mike would always (10 times in a row) raise my blind and if I played back it was liable to turn into a huge confrontation. With Ali on my left if Mike did leave me alone and I raised then Ali was always liable to come over the top. I only played back against Mike twice; once he layed down and the other time I knocked him out. Because of my position on the table I had to adjust my game plan and when Ali and I were finally heads up he had me heavily out chipped. We played tete a tete for so long that Jeff Leigh, Victoria Casino Tournament Director, considered moving us downstairs as the next tournament, the £200 Hi-Lo Omaha, was about to start.

There were a number of key pots; one where I made a small raise on the button with 8,9 o/s and called a reraise from Ali. Ali bet the pot on a Q,2,8 flop and I moved all in for a small amount more doubling through when his Ace,10 didn’t improve. Eventually I got into a chip lead and called a raise on the big blind with Ac,5c. The dream flop of 9,4,7 all clubs saw me check raise Ali’s two pair and all the chips went in on the flop. I can think of easier players to play heads-up than Ali who I strongly fancy to go close in the main event on Saturday. I wonder what price he is?

It’s all good news. The Prima Tour T-Shirts have arrived in Hendon so all of you who won a T-shirt in our competition will be receiving one shortly.

Ram went to the final of the £200 PLO Hi-Lo as chip leader today and after clashing and getting unlucky in a pot for most of the chips in play with Tony Bloom finally finished in 5th place. Tony 'The Lizard' went on to win the event. (Result below).

I have just left the seven card stud event still in play having been eliminated when Dave Colclough made a flush against my aces up. There are three tables remaining (about 24 players) and the other three members of the Mob are all still going well. Let's hope that we can make it three final tables in a row this week.

Result Tuesday, 07 October 7.30pm (Final 08 October 2.30pm)

£ 200 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
Unlimited Rebuys + Add On 90 Minutes

1st Tony Bloom (England) £15,048
2nd Chris Dalton (England) £7,920
3rd A Antonio (England) £5,148
4th Paul Alterman (England) £3,168
5th Ram 'CrazyHorse' Vaswani (Hendon) £1,980
6th Steven Vladar (England) £1,782
7th Marcel Luske (Holland) £1,584
8th Tony Amoroso £1,386
9th Stephen Lennon (England) £1,188
10th Robin Keston (England) £396


Barny and Ram have both made the final of the £500 Seven Card Stud which resumes Thursday 9th October at 2.30pm.

Other finalists: David Barnes, Tony Bloom, Steve Melville, Garry Bush, Msr Alp, Gary Mills and M Farooq

80 Entrants £40,000 Prize Pool