Getting it Wrong…

Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

European Poker Championship, London
£750 No Limit Hold'em
Report by Joe on Friday, 2 July 2004 at 1:05 pm

The Victoria Casino appears twice on the PrimaPoker.com Tour 2004; once for the European Poker Championships this week and again in October for the European Poker Tour (EPT) when the main event will be televised. It had been considered to make that event a £5000 entry fee but after consultation with the players the Vic are going to try to make it more accessible at £3000. Logos will be allowed.

Yesterday was the final of the £200 PLO (result below) as well as the first day of the £750 NLH Freeze-out. It looked like after much debate on the forum that players preferred the freeze-out to the £500 PLH re-buy event as 170 entrants sat down in a capacity field whilst 17 players on the reserve list just sat on the rail or in the bar. The bar was full as people jockeyed for position to watch the second Euro 2004 semi final, the prize of which was a place along side hosts Portugal in the final on Sunday. There were a few keen eyes as Barny had a crafy few quid on Greece at odds of 75.00 when they made the quarter finals and all of us have either backed Portugal at the start of the tournament at 15/2 or after they lost to Greece in their first game at 17.00! Greece got home in extra time and so whatever happens someone should be buying the drinks come Sunday. Plato was sat on my table and he didn’t seem to mind being ante-ed away as he stood by the bar and booked his flight to Portugal for the final and I’ll bet a pound to a penny that Yannis has a hangover today when he wakes up in Athens (if he ever went to bed).

The heat upstairs at the Vic was stifling yesterday. There were more bodies in the room but the air conditioning wasn’t working and as players tried to share a small fan between them the dealers and pit bosses used roulette cards as paper fans. If you are playing there at all this week I recommend you take a small fan, I certainly will be. With four tables left I found myself on the table with Joe Greche or Maltese Joe as some know him. I havn’t played with Joe much before but he made the final of the WPC with me in Dublin. Joe is a great chip getter and I like the way he plays.

I struggled for chips and got lucky in a pot with Phil ‘The Aggressor’ Stein when I doubled through. Then I went looking for chips (always dangerous) and when Mick Clark from Brighton made it 2,200 to go one off the button (800 big blind, 50 ante) on my small blind I was sure it looked like he had something around the K, J mark. Maybe K, Q or Ace, 10. I asked to see the rest of his stack and he had about 8,000 more. Now I was sure it was K, J. I knew he wouldn’t call a re-raise with that so I moved on him for 7,000 more. Well, he called pretty quickly with Ac, Ad. Opps! (I had 8c, 3c )The flop brought two clubs and now I had a double funk, one club not two. I rivered the flush and kind hearted Mick stood up and shook my hand (not sure why really ). What a gent!

I left with three tables remaining when I couldn’t outdraw my opponent on the blinds and some of the players still in were Ram Vaswani, Vicky Coren, Gary Mills, Gary Jones, Lucy Rokach, Graham Pound, Paul Maxfield, Michael Arnold, Phillippa Flanders, Rich Gladding, Joe Greche, and Chris Bjorin.

Mick Clark is the guy in the picture with me.

Result of the £200 PLO 30th June 2004-07-02
85 Entries 139 Rebuys £44,800 Prize Pool

1st Surindar Sunar £17,024
2nd Sonny Nijran £8,960
3rd Paul Maddern £5,824
4th Fari Badiemansour £3,584
5th Simon Trumper £2,240
6th Mick Cook £2,016
7th M Clark £1,792
8th Andrew Georgiou £1,568
9th Ben Grundy £1,344
10th Joe Beevers £448