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Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

Helsinki Freezeout 2003, Helsinki
Report by Joe on Saturday, 15 November 2003 at 11:14 pm

Barny Boatman went to the final table of the Euro1500 NLH main event today with 94,000 in chips which was fourth highest but only about average. He finished second to Liam Flood in this event last year and looked in determined mood as the final nine took their seats at 1pm this afternoon. Barny is no stranger to the big stage but his tendency to tie up inside the final furlong has often found him dubbed the ‘Jimmy White of the poker world’.

So was today going to be any different?

Probably the biggest threats in the final were Irishman Owen Mullan, Russian Sergey Pevzner and chip leader Janne Lamsa. Owen doubled Barny up early. Janne Lamsa, on Barny’s left, was playing very aggressively and Tero Kilkannen on his right found a few big hands. Before we knew it they were the only other two at the final table with Barny.

It was fairly obvious that Barny had a good read on Janne’s game and picked off a few key bluffs which strengthened his chip stack, one in particular where Barny called him down with 10 high. Tero was only playing strong hands and Barny made a big key bluff against him on the river with Jack high. It wasn’t long before Barny had a considerable lead. A weakened Janne was eliminated when Barny made a house with his pocket deuces. Barny then chipped away at Tero and made a raise on the button with AK, Tero re-raised with KQ and Barny moved all in. The J, 10, 2 flop gave Tero hope but it wasn’t to be and Barny was the well deserved Helsinki Freeze-out champion. Barny collected over 27,000 Euro for his troubles but seemed more concerned about the Santa gnome that was the trophy!

In Barny’s last diary he talked a bit about the Finnish language. I would have guessed that Russian or maybe Chinese would be the hardest languages to learn or even to just pick up a few things. I am now convinced that Finnish is. By comparison it doesn’t take a visitor to Paris long before they understand suivez (call) or tapis (all-in) and the numbers are quite easy to pick up too; cent (one hundred) mille (one thousand) etc. Poker players are afforded no such luxury here. I played for three days and all I could hear was constant non-stop chattering (is Paul Parker Finnish?) that Barny so aptly puts as ‘could have been made up just for our amusement’.

I am going to try to help any players who may wish to come here and try to follow in Barny’s footsteps. I have learnt some words that may be useful. It may come as no surprise to some of you that I quickly learnt how to say fold, in Finland they say ‘fold’ too.

I saw a player win a big pot and announce to his opponent, ‘Sewer rat’. Well that’s what it sounded like; ‘sewera’ is Finnish for straight. The losing player then pulled out a 100 Euro note to re-buy and the dealer announced ‘Sucker!’ I thought this guy was getting abused until I found out the ‘suca’ is Finnish for one hundred!

One other very confusing word they use is ‘max’. I thought that this was a pot raise until someone explained it means ‘call’.

Some other useful poker terms (please excuse the spelling).

Ace : Aca
King : Kooniges
Queen : Rowaw
Jack : Jakkya
Straight : Sewera
Flush : Very
Full House : Dowskusi
Good Luck : Onerr
Raise : Raiza
All-in : Kyeicki

And just in case you wondered what they were saying about you;

Fish : Color
Ice Cream : Yertela
Egg : Kanan Mouna

In today's Euro 1000 PLO event Ram, Ross and I found ourselves sat next to each other on the same table with only 14 players remaining. I had knocked Barny out earlier. Needless to say as I am typing this there are now 13 left. Let's hope for at least one mobster in tomorrow's final and a top 6 finish will give Ram a very good shot at player of the week.

Full Result € 1,500 No Limit Holdem Freezeout

62 Entries / € 91,140

1st Barny Boatman (England) € 27,342
2nd Tero Kilkanen (Finland) € 20,051
3rd Janne Lamsa (Finland) € 12,760
4th Mikael Thuritz (Sweden) € 8,203
5th Sergei Pevzner (Russia) € 6,380
6th Owen Mullen (Ireland) € 5,468
7th Jukka Ylitalo (Finland) € 4,557
8th Per Hildebrand (Sweden) € 3,646
9th Peter Eichardt (Sweden) € 2,734