Edinburgh - Las Vegas - Stoke

Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

The last, and only time, I went to Edinburgh was for a tournament at the Maybury. I flew in, took a taxi to the casino, got knocked out quickly, took a taxi back to the airport and flew home again so I didn't really get to see anything apart from the airport and the inside of a taxi!

This time I flew in the night before so I could relax, maybe see the castle, and have a bit of a look around. I spent the first evening at a great restaurant called 'Bistro du Vin' with Ross and Barny. I would highly recommend it and wish it was closer to Hendon. After a couple of bottles of Sancerre and some Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon helped us to a good night's sleep it was off to the third leg of the Genting Poker Series at the Genting Casino.

We all got off to a good start, apart from Barny who took his re-entry, and we all finished the end of the day well with Barny just about chip leader and Ross and I with good chips too. We've all seen runner runner long shots in poker but I had a true million to one shot happen at my table. For those of you who don't know I have 6 year old identical twin girls. The odds of someone having twins is 70/1, the odds of identical twins is 1000/1 and I found myself sat on the blinds with a very friendly Chinese Scot who proudly showed me the photo of his identical twin girls on his mobile phone! His were only two years old so my pocket pair was a better one.

Day two I found myself chip leader with just 50 players left and going great. I lost a quarter of my stack with Kings and the rest with a move when I had a pair and a flush draw. Sadly I only managed 28th but it was my second GPS cash in three events. One thing I would like to share is that I have been doing a little bit of work on my game recently watching some videos. Not the usual Cardrunners type thing, nothing about ranges and how to play AK out of position here. This is really easy to follow and makes you think about your game in a different way. I can honestly say that without this training I doubt I would have been chip leader 50 out in Edinburgh. I am really enjoying playing as much as I did 10 years ago and it's all down to a good friend of mine who made these videos. Next week on the HendonMob website there will be a bit more information and I highly recommend it.

Congratulations to Paul McTaggert who won the event and to Paul Jackson who played great to only finish second. Big field, great staff, great bar, great people – GPS is fun!

So now I find myself writing this from the WSOP in Las Vegas. It's great to be back. I missed last year for the first time in as long as I can remember. I am here for two weeks with two events that I intend(ed) to play. The $3000 PLO and the $10,000 PLO top and tail my trip and I'm not sure if I'll play any other events in between. I started playing through the nights here, typically 9pm – 7am in the $5/$5/$10 PLO cash games which are so good I would walk three miles through the desert to get there if I had to.

My routine here is usually to stay up when I arrive (- 8 hours GMT) and go to bed normal LV time, wake up the next morning, gym, breakfast and then the noon tournaments. This time because of the cash action I feel double jet lagged and my body is a bit confused. At the dinner break in the $3000 PLO last night I hit a wall and it took a large turkey sandwich and a Starbucks Grande Latte with an extra shot to get my mind refocused. About an hour before the end of day two I couldn't outdraw the Ukranian's aces (he raised 4 hands in a row) and I had to settle for $10,757 for my 25th place out of 589 players. I love the Omaha events here and have a near 50% cash rate, I think the only person I know with a better hit rate in WSOP PLO is Ross!

So it's back to the cash grind for a few days and then I might take a day off to try and get my body clock right if I am going to invest $10,000 in the PLO. I'm not staying for the main event so that is my championship this year and I need to give it my best shot.

After Vegas next up for me is the Genting Poker series Stoke 2nd - 5th August. I've never been to Stoke, I don't think I have anyway, and I might just try and pop in and see our old friend Carl 'the Dean' Sampson as it's his domain whilst I'm there.

Still plenty of chance to qualify for the £430 main event both online and at Genting Stoke. This really is fast becoming the best UK Poker Tour. Come and join the Mob on tour! Don't forget those of you signed up to Genting through the Mob can use your Hendon Mob Sponsorship dollars to play.