World Series of Poker, Las Vegas, $1,500 No Limit Hold'em Shootout

Yesterday’s and today’s events have been hold-em shootouts. Yesterday was limit and today No-Limit. Despite all of us showing well we all found at least one player too many on our tables and as only the winner progressed none of us made the money. It’s a shame because we really did fancy our chances in the no-limit today.

Two of the players on my NLH Shootout table were Paul Philips and Hassan Habib; two excellent poker players and two that are both at the top of their games right now and getting great results. In one hand at the first level Paul picked up King Jack off-suit and tossed it straight in the muck. We know this only because in the very same hand Hassan picked up King Jack off-suit in the very next position and made a raise with it. You could debate the rights and wrongs of this and it’s one of the things that make poker such a fascinating game, different styles work for different players.

Barry Greenstein
Barry Greenstein

When I made the money in the $5000 NLH event the other day Barry Greenstein was on my table. For those of you who don’t know Barry donates all his tournament prize money wins to children’s charities. As we got into the money Barry commented that he was on a free-roll as he has done some double booking. Double booking, sometimes known as double jeopardy, is where two (or more) poker players have a bet against each other in a tournament and any prize money won has to be doubled by the other. So if Barry makes the money he gets matched dollar for dollar by his adversary. In this instance Barry had two opponents and was playing half double jeopardy with each and both of them had already been eliminated.

In spite of the fact that the prize money in events at the WSOP is breaking all records Barry seemed to think that the money wasn’t big enough and he wanted to play bigger. He regularly plays in Larry Flynt’s game at the Hustler casino and is one of the biggest winners around.

As I asked Barry about his side bets he said that one of them was with an Englishman. I asked who as we know nearly all the Brits here. Barry said that he didn’t know his name! He had had a bet that could come to hundreds of thousands and he didn’t even know the guys name! Barry finished 12th and collected official prize money of $14,320 – first prize paid $382,000!

I noticed that Barry won the $5000 multiple re-buy ‘Deuce to Seven’ event yesterday. First prize was $296,000. I haven’t seen him to ask but if I see any English guys with long faces we’ll know why!

I can certainly think of better people to play Double Jeopardy with than Barry Greenstein.