The Irish Winter Tournament 2003, Dublin
€1,000 No Limit Hold'em
Report by Joe on Monday, 27 October 2003 at 3:32 am

With both Barny and Ross in the last eighteen of the Euro1000 NLH main event and both with good chips we had high hopes of a good Mob showing today. Both remaining Mobsters were on different tables. Ross’s table looked tougher with Willie Tann, Keith Hawkins and reigning champion Lucy Rokach all lined up on Ross’s right.

Barny was on the same table as Mark Williams, reigning world snooker champion. Mark had few chips, about 11,000, and moved all in on the second hand. Barny found queens on the big blind and called. Mark turned over pocket threes. Dennis Taylor was stood behind Mark and the whole room gasped as the flop came with two threes on it to give Mark quads and a double up. Barny was wounded.

Meanwhile on Ross’s table I watched Lucy re-raise Keith for the umpteenth time and her stack was growing considerably. Ross was slowly building too and worked his stack to over 100,000.

A while later with the blinds at 2,000-2,000-4,000 Mark Williams announced ‘Call’ and threw two blue 1,000 chips into the pot. It was pointed out that to call it would cost Mark 4,000; 2,000 more. ‘Oh, if I’d known that I wouldn’t of played’, the Welshman said. Barny looked down, found Ace Jack, and promptly made it 12,000 to play. Mark moved all in. He had pocket Kings! I was stood watching with Matthew Stevens who told me that Mark was very cunning. He was obviously right. This seriously hurt Barny, but tenacious as he is he managed to rework his stack to a playable size until he got unlucky in a few further pots and finally finished unlucky for some thirteenth.

Lucy, on Ross’s table, was being very aggressive and raised yet again on the button making it 11,000. Ross, on the small blind made it 20,000 more. A short dwell and Lucy tossed four orange chips into the pot. The flop of Q, 7, 3 all diamonds was no help for Ross’s suited Ace, King. Check, check. The turn brought another rag diamond and Ross made a stab at the pot with a 20,000 bet. Lucy called and both checked the river. Lucy won the pot with her Ks, 10d and now Ross was getting low.

Ross managed his shortish stack well and soon they were down to ten players, one to go to the final table. Lucy raised her button (again!) and Ross moved all in for a sizeable re-raise with pocket Jacks. After some thought Lucy called with her Ace, King and the Ace on the flop saw Ross out in tenth place.

Mark Williams did himself proud finishing a very creditable 7th and Lucy emerged triumphant with a repeat win in the Merrion Casino’s Irish Winter Festival Main Event beating Paddy Curly Hicks heads up to take a beautiful Galway crystal trophy and more importantly the Euro 62,000 first prize.

It was soon back to business for the Mob in the evening’s Euro 100 NLH event. There were about 120 entrants and a first prize of about Euro 12,000 up for grabs. With three tables left all four mobsters were still in. I finally finished 13th, just in the money, and when I left Ram was just starting the final table as chip leader.

I shared a table for a while in the event with current Poker Million the Masters champ, Jimmy White, who assured me that he will be defending his title next January.

We have been to Dublin many times and stayed in a few different hotels. Jury’s in Ballsbridge is one of our favourites. Relatively cheap for a five star hotel and a short walk to Merrion Square. The rooms are a decent size, the beds comfortable, the mini bar well stocked and downstairs there is a great lounge bar that serves into the early hours, a traditional Irish pub (yes, in the hotel) and two restaurants, one that serves a great Irish breakfast. The staff are friendly and for value Jury’s is hard to beat.

One of the things that you find in most hotel rooms are little notices that you put on the handle on the outside of the door such as, ‘Please make up room now’, ‘Breakfast requests’, or ‘Do not disturb’. All which seem, quite obviously, to be very useful, maybe not so if you are a travelling poker player.

Now if you were on a weekend break with the girlfriend and a maid knocked and then entered your room at say 5am when you had quite clearly placed the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the outside of the door you would have reason to be annoyed. It would appear however that the ‘Do not disturb sign’ doesn’t work if you are a poker player. Having got back to my room a little after 5.30am yesterday and making sure the sign was on the door I went to sleep. Why then at 11am does the maid knock on the door shouting, ‘Housekeeping’, Housekeeping’ and then wander in uninvited?

Ross had it even worse. When the same happened to him he simply ignored it and rolled over but half an hour later a staff member with a clip board came right into his room, stood over his bed and said ‘Hello’ in his broad Irish accent about six or seven times. Eventually Ross opened an eye and the man said, ‘Oh you are awake, would you like your room cleaned’. Unbelieveable!

Surely do not disturb means just that ‘leave me alone, DO NOT knock on my door, DO NOT DISTURB.’ Apparently not. When Barny lived in a hotel in Hong Kong a few years back they used to phone his room to ask when he was going to take the ‘Do not disturb’ sign off the door! Unbelievable!

How about a hotel made especially for poker players where by pressing zero on the house phone you get a sympathetic ear for bad beat stories and ‘Do not disturb’ signs do exactly what they were intended for?

Next stop on The Prima Poker Tour is the MasterClassics in Amsterdam next week. Let’s hope for some more final tables and some ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs that work.

Join us then...

STOP PRESS...Mob Victory...

Ram wins the final event at the Irish Winter Festival, the Euro100 NLH (unlimited rebuy) to take the total Mob victories on the tour to five. Well done dude!

Full Result € 1,000 No Limit Holdem Saturday, 25 October 8pm

125 Entries / 25 Rebuys / € 10,000 added/ € 160,000

1st Lucy Rokach (England) € 62,000
2nd Paddy 'Curly' Hicks (Ireland) € 31,000
3rd Sargon Ruya (Sweden) € 15,500
4th Peter Mitchell (Ireland) € 12,400
5th Keith Hawkins (England) € 7,750
6th Willie Tann (England) € 6,200
7th Mark Williams (Wales) € 4,600
8th Anthony Sullivan (Ireland) € 3,100
9th F Thomas (UK) € 3,100
10th 'Rocky' Ross Boatman (Hendon) € 2,325
11th Miss Bernie Mc Mahon (Ireland) € 2,325
12th Tag (UK) € 2,325
13th 'Barmy' Barny Boatman € 2,325
14th - 18th € 1,000 each

Full Result € 100 No Limit Holdem Sunday, 26 October 8pm

119 players - 179 rebuys-prize money € 29800

1st Ram 'CrazyHorse' Vaswani (Hendon) € 11920
2nd Dereck Williams € 5960
3rd Paul Mac € 2980
4th Cormac Smyth € 2384
5th J O'Doherty € 1490
6th Paddy O'Connor€ 1192
7th Sean Toibin € 894
8thTony Pratt € 596
9th Colm Walsh € 596
10th Joe 'The Field' O'Neill € 447
11th Gerry Beatty € 447
12th E O'Leary € 447
13th Joe The Elegance' Beevers (Hendon) € 447