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Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

2005 World Series of Poker, Las Vegas
$2,000 Pot Limit Omaha
Report by Joe on Tuesday, 14 June 2005 at 11:35 am

Today was the $2000 Pot Limit Omaha with unlimited re-buys and double add-on and one of the best chances for a European Gold Bracelet.

I’m going to start at the end of the day as I’ve just returned from the Rio and you have to feel for Robin Keston. Robin is a well known London Pro and a very accomplished PLO player. 212 players started today and with 19 left (one before the money and on the ‘bubble’) Robin made a big pre-flop re-raise with obvious aces. An oriental, on the button, went into the tank. I had played with him earlier and I knew that it wasn’t usually his style to lay a hand down. Eventually he called. The flop brought 10, 6, 2, all off-suit and Robin moved all-in for what he had left. His opponent called. Not only did Robin have aces but he also held a ten and a six for top two. Our friend on the button had Kings and looked in bad shape, however he also held a 5 and a 2 and when the board paired the deuce Robin was left wondering why he bothered to play nearly 14 hours of PLO today.

I started the day sat next to Julian Gardner’s dad, Dave. We were discussing the fact that the Rio now won’t accept cash for re-buys or add-ons and you have to use casino chips. I guess it’s because they think it will speed up the process but the long queues at the cash desk meant that the tournament started very late so I guess that’s what you call a false economy. Dave was telling me that the other day he weeded off three $5 chips to pay for his buffet dinner but when he got to the front of the line they wouldn’t accept the chips, cash only they said!

Dave came with Howard Plant a few days ago because they were worried about not getting into the main Championship event. It would be so much easier if you could buy in for other players. They fly home again on Wednesday and then return to the Rio on the 3rd of July – excessive you may think but some how they managed to get the bargain of all flights paying only one hundred and eighty British pounds for a direct return from Manchester Airport with Airtours.

Our table was the first to break and I then found myself sat with Daniel Negreanu on my left. Daniel was raising every pot ‘no look’ pre-flop and then betting the flop in the dark. This was costing him a mere $4000 a time as double re-buys were allowed. When the re-buys finished he had had 16 shots at $2000 a time plus the double add-on, a total investment in the tournament of $38,000 and he was out half an hour after that first break.

The conversation on the table was about children and poker players; whether or not you should discourage your children to be poker players and whether you should encourage them to make their livings another way.

Daniel’s philosophy was simple, this is what he said:

“Children should be put to work…by the time they are 12 they should be playing in the 30/60 games”

PLO $2000 Re-starts tomorrow at 2pm

...End of Day One Report...

2005 World Series of Poker
Rio All-Suites Casino-Resort

Event # 12
Event: Pot-Limit Omaha with Rebuys
Buy-in: $2000
Number of Entries: 212
Number of Rebuys & Add-ons: 395
Total Prize Money: $1,180,080


Player Name Hometown Chip Count Table #
Arturo Diaz San Diego $201,500 127 2
Doug Lee Calgary $118,000 116 3
Ron Graham Tacoma, WA $116,500
Erik Seidel Las Vegas, NV $87,500 127 4
John Juanda Marina Del Rey, CA $77,000 127 3
Jim Bechtel Gilbert, AZ $73,000 127 8
Josh Arieh Atlanta, GA $71,500 127 7
Ari Abramowitz Montclair $70,500 127 9
D. Colclough Birmingham $59,500 127 5
Chris Ferguson Pacific Palisades, CA $58,500 116 4
Lukasz Dumanski Toronto, Canada $56,000 127 6
Daniel Alaei Santa Fe Springs $55,800 116 9
Tony Sevnsom Houston, TX $49,500 116 5
Max Pescatori Milan, Italy $35,500 127 1
Michael " The Grinder" Mizrachi $31,500 116 7
Joe Beevers Hendon $23,500 116 8
Casey Kastle Chicago, IL $18,000 116 1
Tony Cousineau Daytona Beach, FL $14,500 116 6


1. $389,435
2. $214,775
3. $118,010
4. $94,405
5. $70,805
6. $59,005
7. $47,205
8. $35,400
9. $23,600
10. $16,520
11-12 $16,520
13-15 $14,160
16-18 $11,800