A Different Kind of Animal

Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

Report by Joe on Sunday, 18 January 2004 at 8:46 am

Crown Casino Complex has a huge variety of restaurants as well as a ‘multi-national’ food hall where you can get Cantonese, Japanese, American hot dogs, fresh salads, juices and sandwiches, Vietnamese, various ice creams, baked potatoes, Mexican, Chinese, pizza, burgers, organic, sushi and the widest variety of coffee and pastries that you can ever imagine. The restaurants vary from the simplest wood burned pizzas to the gourmet Number 8 restaurant and JJ’s grill. There is also a specialist cigar and champagne lounge where you can relax and spend 1,000’s of dollars in indulgence. One of the noticeable things is that there are things on the menu in some of the restaurants that you wouldn’t find at home in TGI Fridays or Joe’s Cafe. You can get kangaroo salads and fillets, crocodile sandwiches and Morton Bay Bugs. Would anyone actually try something on a menu that says ‘Bugs’? This is a restaurant not Fear Factor, right? One of our party tried them the other night and they looked like huge fossilised shells with white crab meat inside. Apparently Australia has a number of weird and wonderful sea creatures so Barny and I decided to spend yesterday at Melbourne Aquarium and this morning at the zoo.

The Aquarium gave us a number of pictures that will probably find there way into the Mob’s caption competition in coming months and we would recommend the open Zoo to anyone visiting here. I am so glad that I haven’t seen Koala on any menus as they looked so cute asleep in the trees there (how come they don’t fall out?).

After the party last night I found myself at the dice table ( my only time this trip!) by the poker room with Darren, a Prima Poker qualifier from New York and Christy Rourke, a friend of the Mob from Dublin. We decided to invest $1,000 each and try to win Crown Casino. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and after 2 hours rolling away we had lost our money but not before we came across one of the craziest casino rules that we have ever come across. It is understandable that you can’t use two hands to handle the dice; that is commonplace worldwide. In Crown though, even with just one hand, they won’t allow you to ‘set’ the dice before you throw them. Gamblers are superstitious people and anyone who has ever seen or played dice is familiar with the players who set the dice side by side on a seven or six by six on top of each other before throwing them down the table. Just about every shooter arranges them one way or another. Not at Crown though, ‘setting the dice’ is just not allowed. What is stranger is that they will set them for you if you ask. So watching Darren ask,’ left die two on top, four on the left hand side, right dice with a three on top, six on the right hand side at a 45o angle to each other and three inches inside the field box,’ seemed very strange and funny although the stick man never really got the joke and each roll seemed to take forever. If Vegas casino’s ever decided to do that it would cost them a fortune as the drop would significantly decrease.

We’ve all had a great time here at Crown for the Aussie Millions, as always, and tonight we are all going to KoKo’s for dinner. KoKo’s is Japanese and we’ll let you know if there is anything strange on the menu.

We will be making an exciting announcement regarding the Prima Poker Tour in the next few days, so stay tuned!