Some Proposals for the 2009 WSOP Schedule?

Joe Beevers 'The Elegance'

This year at the WSOP there are 55 bracelet events running from 30th May to the 16th July (if you don't count the delayed final table). You would think that would be enough, it is certainly more than it used to be and I have hand picked about 7 events to play in total. When you look at people like Barry Greenstein however perhaps it isn't. He was is the final of the $50,000 HORSE event the other day with a first prize of nearly two million dollars but he was still up early enough on final day to take a shot in the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha that started at noon two hours before the final. Once out of the PLO and eliminated in 8th place in the HORSE he then went straight into the $1500 HORSE event that started at 5pm on the same day. Sick? Maybe...

Tony G was on my table in the PLO and if I didn't know better I would have sworn it was a doppelganger. He was polite, courteous and quite funny at times and instead of being aggressive and trying to run the table played more like a cross between Darryl Wong and Michael Arnold. He probably played the fewest pots on the table and always had the goods when he did. He described our table as the tightest he has ever played at the WSOP whilst Tony Cousineau (not known for wasting a chip) described it as the worst in WSOP history EVER. Aussie (English when he draws) Jason Gray was there too and you'd like a share with him in any game or any bet he ever makes as well as Trader Dan who had his laptop perched on the bin behind him trading stocks and shares in between hands. He managed to cold fold Kings in an unopened pot in the cut off as 'the other two cards weren't much good' and that was in the first couple of hours! It is saying something when, apart from Eli Marciano from Paris, I was the action player at the table. Even Dublin's Tom Ryan would have been confused for anything but Irish until he opened his mouth.

As not too much poker was being played their was a lot of chat going on and a few suggestions for improving the WSOP schedule of events for 2009.

Top of the list was a suggestion for a third daily bracelet event starting at midnight each day. They already have noon and 5pm so the midnight event could be called the Channing Stakes or similar as he would always be leaving and then buying in last minute to this one. If they made them all $1000 NLH they could be sure of at least 500 entrants every day and they would prove to be very popular. Someone suggested that Harrahs may decide not to do it on the basis that the room occupancy may drop as some players would never need to go to bed.

Tony G thought that they should have a real marathon event, a true test, run over 30 days and a starting stack of 3 million chips and blinds at 25/25 on a three hour clock. This would be called the Mel Judah event.

In the $1500 NLH events there should be special tables that you could opt to be on where everyone had to go all in on the very first hand (The Chudasama/Vaswani or the Negreanu tables obviously) and they should also introduce $10,000 NLH Turbo events that would finish the same day. It's all very well playing events that last 3 days but what chance has Ram got in any of those? They would start at 100/200 and go up every 20 minutes.

How long before we get a $100,000 buy in NLH event? Tony wants it named after him. He also would like to see a large buy in HORSE event where ONLY players who have been put in by someone else are allowed to play. There would be an owners enclosure and he feels that the 'G' stable would rival the likes of Sheikh Mohammed.

It started getting a bit silly when the massage event was suggested. Every player must have a massage non stop at $120 per hour and at given times the player and masseur would have to swop for a few hands.

What made much more sense was the get out stakes event or even events. Perhaps three $10,000 NLH events on the last three days of the main event with the option of buying back in at the dinner break for $50,000 for an average stack. All of them would be over by midnight and anyone sick enough to play them wouldn't mind whatever juice Harrahs wanted to charge. Even 20% at that stage wouldn't put many people off.

Some of these ideas might not seem as far fetched at you might think. You read them here first!

In the meantime by dinner in the PLO our table had lost one player and had an average chip stack of just over 20,000 whilst the table next to us had an average chip stack nearly equal to all the chips on our table.

Tony knocked me out in a blind confrontation 20 minutes before the end of the day when my flopped trips were no match for his flopped full house. I should have been watching how many hands he had actually been playing and I may have got away from it.