James Houghton

Our July 2004 mobster is James Houghton.

James Houghton
'Jimmy the Kid'
Solihull, West Midlands
How do you know about the Hendon Mob:
Dealt cards to them at the Rainbow & Walsall
Hobbies / Interests :
Poker, Internet, Travel, Lap dancers
Favourite film :
Count of Monte Cristo, Rounders
Favourite music :
Leftfield, Chiccane, Chemical bros.
Favourite person :
Sunny Nijran
Favourite joke:

An M&M and a Smartie go out drinking one night, and following a few Rum
& Cokes the Smartie decides its time to visit the mens room and rolls off to the loo. whilst doing his business, he gets assaulted by a Tune and a Locket in the urinals. After he wakes up from his pounding, the Smatie staggers back into the bar and tells the M&M what happened. "Ooh, you had better watch out for those Tunes and lockets," the M&M warns, - " They're Menthol ! "