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Oh Brother…

Oh Brother… I caught up with Ashley Alterman in Amsterdam, having had backed him at 150-1 without knowing what he looked like. And I was talking with him for fifteen minutes before I realized that he was Paul Alterman’s older brother. There are three Alterman brothers and they all play poker. Though youngest Paul has the most laurels as a former European Masters champion and Late Night Poker finalist, it is Ashley who gets more hours in at the poker table these days as a European pro. The Boatmans may have a challenge here…

Oh my… Set your TV’s for November 30th, Channel 4. At 11:40 pm they’ll be airing something that was never supposed to be shown. And probably never should be. They’ll be plenty of European poker star cameos, and some sordid hidden camera unmentionables from Moscow, London, and a millionaire’s yacht. News of the World was interested enough that they have now contacted Jac Arama to feature in a piece entitled “The Bad Boy of Poker.” Jac Arama is considering… Jac Arama has also now committed to the Poker Million, canceling important family business in the Tahitian Islands to free his television schedule. When asked if he wouldn’t be devastated by the Poker Million rule of “no headgear”, Jac looked at me quite solemnly and said, “Well at least I’ll still have my sunglasses.”

Allez Butterfingers? – World Series of Poker finalists Padraig Parkinson and Julian Gardner share something else in common. A mad passion for betting on football, the Manchester brand, to be precise. The two sunk themselves in heavy on Manchester United to win the Premeirship at 13/8 before the season started, and after watching the team drift out to more than 10-1, their spirits have been recently revived with Manchester United’s fortunes. When asked if he was worried by the rising odds, Padraig just expressed a profound sense of gratitude for being given the opportunity to press his bet.

The Fish… I have to relate a story that happened about ten years ago, but it had me busting up so completely that it will never grow old. Devilfish is in the final of an Omaha tournament at the Four Queens, and he finds himself head-up with Men the Master. Quite a large crowd has gathered to watch. Now Men the Master is known for the verbal, and he feels like he can dish it out to anyone and they’ll just fold up quick. But the Devilfish is running over Men the Master, and the Master finds himself down to one single chip, when the tournament director announces that it’s time for an hour break. Devilfish stands up from his chair, and Men the Master says, “How can we take a break? I got one chip left.” So Devilfish says to the Master, “We’re taking the break, and in all fairness to you, I think you should go upstairs and think about your tactics.”…. Gotta love that Devilfish.

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