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Simon Trumper

This month we have something a little special for you...

Simon 'Aces' Trumper has agreed to share one of his secrets with you and write this month's Pro Tip. Simon is a formidable opponent at the poker table and has an excellent record in high stakes no-limit hold-em tournaments across Europe.

Thank you Simon...

"This is a technique that I have used with great success, but it requires three things. Firstly, you must be almost certain of your opponent's hand and secondly you need to delay making the bet to make sure you get the reaction you have set up. Finally it helps if you have similar or more chips.

What you are going to do is raise just over half your opponents remaining stack after they have made an initial bet, which you will find that if you have read them right, not only will they call but will also raise the remainder of their chips which is exactly what you want. Here is an example that occurred in the European WSOP Trial. All chip counts are approximate. A well known French player made a standard raise under the gun, the action folded round to me, I flat called on the button with QQ, the blinds passed. I put him on a strong Ace, probably suited, no less than AJ, based on previous action I had absorbed. The flop was A 4 Q, he led out for 3000, similar to the pot, leaving him 16000.I knew he would have checked two pair so I hoped he had AK or AJ and, because I didn't raise pre-flop, would assume a raise from me now was with a weaker ace, but how to get him to commit all his chips? While apparently considering my move which makes him think I may be about to raise with an ace but am not sure if my kicker is good, I actually was counting his stack and when I raised it was 8,500, just over half his chips. Without even pausing he called and raised all-in, exactly as I had planned, the reason for this is if a player has already decided to call while you are thinking, when the amount is more than half their stack they will usually think I might as well put it all in without realising why you made that size bet. Try it next time the opportunity arises but remember you must be certain of their hand and therefore know yours is winning, but also that theirs is strong enough for them to react as you have planned. By the way his hand was A,10 suited which I think he totally misplayed and should have passed to my raise, but this is how tournaments are won and lost, until next time take care of yourself and each other.

"Have you ever found that sometimes you start tournaments well and in others you just can't get 'tuned in'? Sometimes you make finals but when the money counts you make mistakes and have difficulty focusing? What should you do about it? Visit us next month and find out...

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