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Barny Boatman
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Barmy Barny's Form Guide for Late Night Poker VI

1st Heat - October 4th 2002

Donnacha O'Dea

Won't put a coin in the pot without consulting his broker.

Peter Evans

Won't put a coin in the pot without flipping it first.

Alan Betson

Won't spend a coin on clothes if he can put it in the pot.

Mike Magee

If you crossed Mystic Mike with Mystic Meg you'd get someone who could tell you exactly which numbers you'd picked for last weeks lottery.


Korosh never has one bad word to say to anyone. One is never enough.

Lise Vigezzi

Lise's pink clothes will never go out of fashion. Not unless they come into fashion first.

Micheal Leibgorin

Micheal is in the rag trade. What French player isn't?

2nd Heat - October 11th 2002

Marcel Luske

His record is indisputable. For your own sake, don't try to dispute it.

Julian Gardner

Julian is the world's biggest loser. That's right, he's the only man ever to get over a million dollars for losing!

Paul Zimbler

It's plain his brain was mainly left in Spain.

Vicky Lincoln.

If she was any tighter she'd be inside out.

John Duthie.

He's not flash, and he's certainly not in the pan.

Fari Mansour

O.K. You've got me there.

Surindar Sunar

Former bagman for Mikey 'The Worm' Wernek. It's been downhill ever since.


3rd Heat - October 18th 2002

Joe 'The Elegance' Beevers

Joe, PLEASE don't tell the one about the builder and the waiter.

Marty Wilson

The man with more stories than the Post Office Tower. Love him or ignore him, you just can't hate him !

Lucy Rokash

AKA 'Lucy No Cash'

Jac Arama

Jac's troubles began when his local pie shop started allowing re-buys.

Dave Colclough

His legendary column has won him many admirers.

Mohammed Irfan

Sells used cars to Scotsmen. This should be a doddle.

Paul Parker

The original 'Noisy Parker' A free opinion with every pot.


4th Heat - October 25th 2002

Tony Hakki

Now he's 'The Hit Man'. Bad news for barn doors everywhere.

Teddy Tuil.

Small, sweet and square. With or without his sugar cubes

Jin Cai Lin


Debbie Berlin


Ali Sharkashik


Padraig Parkinson


Pascal Perrault


5th Heat - November 1st 2002

Dave Ulliot

Never ask Dave to stop talking… he might start singing !

John Shipley

Currently my favourite player. Hopefully, that won't stop him doing well.

Ken Lennaard

If you're a fan of good looking Swedish blonds… Well, two out of three aint bad.

Victoria Coren

Apparently she has been involved in filming some depraved and indefensible things. Well, I didn't think she played that badly in Late Night Poker five.

Tony Bloom

Why do the most successful sports bettors always look like they were excused games at school ?

Gary Jones

Aces are no good against Gary. You need garlic and a cross !

Ross Boatman

The man with more 'seconds' than Arther Daily's lock-up. He's due one.

6th Heat - November 8th 2002

Carlo Citrone

When Carlo does one of his long 'look at me' dwell-ups there's no point putting the clock on him. Use the calendar !

Kirk Morrison

Yes Carlo, I did just call you a poser !

Bambos Xanthos

This can't be right. Surely his second name should be 'The Greek' ?

Simon Trumper

Check out Simon's shades. He looks like the sax player off the Muppets

Shar Kuomi

If he was any tighter he'd be Vicky Lincoln

Lisa Hawkes

Lisa's been sitting on her local council for some time. Sorry, I can't think of a joke about that.

Osman Mustangolu

Oz came to Britain fifteen years ago to take some exams. Surely standards have dropped enough for him to have passed them by now ?

7th Heat - November 15th 2002

Peter Costa

Shelly, Keats, Byron…None of them tried to play tournament poker, so why Peter ? Why ?

Dave Welch

Apparently his girl friend got him on the show.

Ivo Donev

When it comes to moodys 'The Penguin' really takes the biscuit.

Mario Fahimirad

'Super Mario' may not be a plumber, but he sure is a plum.

Colette Docherty

If Colette farms as well as she plays, there'll never be another potato famine.

Fabrice Soulier

Remember 'designer stubble' ? Well, Fabrice gets his off the peg.

Ram Vaswani

'MOVES' He does. Honest.

SEMI FINAL - November 22nd 2002

FINAL - November 29th 2002

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