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Barny Boatman
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Barmy Barny's Form Guide for Poker Million - The Masters

1st Heat - January 31st 2003 2200hrs Sky Sports 1

Repeated 1st February 2003 0300hrs on Sky Sports 1 and 0700hrs and 1330hrs on Sky Sports Extra

Steve Davies

Expect some long dwell-ups before 'Romford Slim' tucks the white chips in behind the black ones. He may not win all the big pots, but he's favourite for the long ones.

David Cleary

OK so if Dave is the Irish Syd Little, who can name the Irish Eddie Large?

Bruno Fitoussi

If he can get to the 'heads up' he'll have a good chance. No chance then.

Roy Brindley

Talks a better game than Trumper and Hellmuth combined

Dave Ulliott

The fast talking 'Devil Fish' has more lines than the Columbian Mafia. But never ask him to stop talking…he might start singing!

Mike Magee

Mystic Mike is poker's answer to Uri Geller. He can put you on a hand before you've looked at your cards.

2nd Heat - February 7th 2003 2300hrs Sky Sports 1

Repeated 8th February 2003 0300hrs on Sky Sports 1 and 0700hrs on Sky Sports Extra

Harry Demetrious

Doesn't this bloke have an 'off switch'? He makes Simon Trumper sound like Harpo Marx.

Tony Bloom

Why do all the most successful sports bettors look like they were excused games at school?

Sam Torrence

If can handle the swings and get those chips in at the right time he could just make it to the 'green'. (Geddit?)

Simon 'Aces' Trumper

The most talked about man in Poker . He's the one who's doing the talking.

Padraig Parkinson

Fearless peerless, seldom beerless.

Surinder Sunar

Former bag man for Mikey 'The Worm' Werneik. It's been downhill ever since.


3rd Heat - February 14th 2003 2230hrs Sky Sports 1

Repeated 15th February 2003 0300hrs on Sky Sports 1 and 0700hrs on Sky Sports Extra

Jonny Akesson

Spot the on-line qualifier. He'll be the one playing three tables, and constantly betting out of turn.

Peter Costa

Poker's own Pam Ayers. He used to sell chips for a living. Now you can't get them off him with a gun.

Tim Flanders

His wife nicknamed him 'The Lemming'. I bet that went down well.

Gary Jones

The Vampire Choirboy was on a TV documentary losing half his tank in Vegas. Then the repeated the program and he went skint! These days though, he couldn't even lose a Pie eating contest with Jac Arama.

John Duthie

Don't try to bluff him He'll bet a million on A2 offsuit !

Bruce Atkinson

Apparently he's an Elvis impersonator. All I know is he's been impersonating a poker player for years.


4th Heat - February 21st 2003 2300hrs Sky Sports 1

Repeated 22th February 2003 0230hrs on Sky Sports 1

Alan Mudd

The Mudster makes his living sticking tiles to the floor. Not a bad place to meet poker players, they all end up on it at some point.

Guy Bowles

'The Calculator' is Gutshot's greatest player. But that's a bit like naming the greatest episode of 'Are you being served?'

Teddy Tuil

Small sweet and square. With or without his sugar cubes.

Ram Vaswani

Ram could get lost in a phone box, but he always knows who to call.

Alan Abraham

Good to see him back. He's been a bit quiet since the Smurf Song.

Noel Furlong

With a bit more bottle he'd make a fair no-limit player.

5th Heat - February 28th 2003 2200hrs Sky Sports 1

Repeated 1st March 2003 0200hrs on Sky Sports 1 and 0700hrs, 1400hrs on Sky Sports Extra

Barry Hearn

Just like his beloved Leyton Orient, Barry has trouble stringing two passes together.

Eric Semel

Say's his nickname is 'Bigdog'. Well, he's a bookie. So he should know how big a dog he is.

Joe Beevers

If you know a bigger poser than 'The Elegance' tell Carlo I said hello.

Barny Boatman

Back from the commentary box by popular demand. Well, you can't get my money from there, can you?

Dave Colclough

I've known this dumb blond long enough to remember when he was just dumb.

Carlo Citrone

When Carlo does one of his long 'look at me' dwell ups there's no point putting the clock on him. Use the calendar!

6th Heat - March 7th 2003 2230hrs Sky Sports 1

Repeated 8th March 2003 0230hrs on Sky Sports 1 and 0700hrs, 1400hrs on Sky Sports Extra

Jimmy White

The man they call 'The Barny Boatman of snooker'. No wonder he's taken up poker instead.


Still the best poker player in our house…but Buster's learning fast!

Paul Samuel

Paul 'Deuces are the new Aces' Samuel has bluffed us all with his baffling poker column, because the truth is…he can play.

Jac Arama

Jac is like a seaside fortune teller. He sees a future in every hand.

Julian Gardener

Don't call him 'The Kid' or he'll hit you with his satchel.

Tristan McDonald

There's always one isn't there?

FINAL - MARCH 14th 2003 2000hrs


Repeated 15th March 00.30hrs Sky Sports 1 & 0600hrs Sky Sports Extra

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