Grub Smith

  • Quiz (30/01/2013)
    My first idea was to run a variation on those old Spot the Ball competitions, except in this case punters would have to “Spot the Lesbian”.
  • Mob Team Do The Double! (23/05/2012)
  • Play as Badly as Possible and Get Lucky (27/04/2012)
    The most profitable way of playing poker in the short term...
  • Living Right (16/03/2012)
    The girls of Battersea Ironsides Women’s FC are on a heater. Our Third team won their league a fortnight ago, and this week, thanks to Brentford Reserves dropping two points away, our own Reserves secured their league title without kicking a ball. Now it’s all down to the First team to secure a memorable treble.
  • Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (06/03/2012)
    Man up and put your money where your mouth is... I challenge you to a simple game of Keepy Uppy.
  • Football Manager (17/02/2012)
    As I emailed my reply to the ad, I could already picture myself like Brian Glover in Kes, dribbling through a crowd of wispy blondes in short skirts and scoring a 30 yard screamer. That fantasy lasted about two minutes.