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Due to the current situation at Full Tilt Poker, these promotions are temporarily suspended. Statement from The Hendon Mob.

The Hendon Mob $10,000 Monthly Rake Race Terms and Conditions

The Hendon Mob Rake Race Runs Monthly, by the Full Tilt Poker clock (EST), from midnight on the 1st of each month to midnight on the final day of the month.

Rake for the purposes of the Rake Race is the sum of cash rake + tournament fees.

Cash rake is worked out as normal by Full Tilt Poker (dealt method). Please see the FAQ for further information.

No deductions are made to your Rake figure for the purposes of this promotion (listed under either Player Marketing and Retention and Administrative Costs in Myrakeback), although they will affect your rakeback as normal).

Prizes are paid out for the following positions each month as follows:

Position Prize
1st $1,700
2nd $1,400
3rd $1,100
4th $900
5th $800
6th $700
7th $600
8th $500
9th $350
10th $225
Position Prize
11th $150
12th $150
13th $150
14th $125
15th $125
16th $125
17th $100
18th $100
19th $100
20th $100
Position Prize
21st $75
22nd $75
23rd $75
24th $60
25th $60
26th $40
27th $40
28th $25
29th $25
30th $25

The Hendon Mob Ltd. management reserves the right to change the structure of the payouts at its sole discretion. Any decisions taken by the management in this regard are final.

Any changes to payout structures will be announced in advance of the Rake Races which they affect starting. We advise that you open up a Myrakeback account to ensure you are notified of such changes.

Accounts opened through Full Tilt Poker directly or linked to other affiliates are not able to take part in this promotion.

If you do not wish for your screen name to appear on the Leaderboard, please email and you will be removed from the Race Race. Please note however if you wish to be eligible for any Rake Race prizes your screen name will be listed on the Leaderboard, should you be in the top 100 players on any given day.

If you have any queries, please email

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