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Sonny Rockwel
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:35 pm
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So everyone knows in Hi/lo that a "wheel" A-2-3-4-5 hand can win both the hi and low halves of the pot. Im new to the game and was running a few hands by myself to practice recognizing Hi/lo hands. On this particular hand two hands were heads up J Diamonds J Hearts J Clubs Q Clubs Q Spades 9 Hearts 7 Spades completing a fullhouse for the hi portion. The next hand was A Clubs 2 Clubs 3 Spades 4 Spades 5 Hearts K Clubs 10 Hearts completing the wheel winning the High and low. So my question is does the wheel hand still win the Hi portion of the pot ? to my knowledge so far a wheel is a straight, but isnt a fullhouse higher than straight? would the pot be split or shipped to the wheel? Now taking this a step further , lets suppose the wheel was all clubs, making a straight flush wheel, would that be higher than the fullhouse, if the fullhouse was the higher hand in the first question? Please help me clear this understanding of the game.[
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:48 am
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In your scenario the wheel hand wins the low as not only is it the nut low (best low possible) it is also the only low - the full house hand doesn't contain a qualified low.

The high hand goes to the full house hand as like you correctly point out, it's the better high hand.

So in your scenario the hand would be split between the two hands as one won the high and the other won the low.

However if the wheel hand was A-5 all clubs, it would also win the high ("scooping" the whole pot) as it would be a straight flush, which is better than a full house.

Think of the high portion and low portion of the pot as completely separate, this will make it easier when determining winners. Just remember that traditionally to count a low hand needs to qualify with having 5 cards under an 8 (hence the term "stud 8", short for "stud 8 or better"). It can be played without the 8 qualifier for low by in my opinion this is much worse.

Good on you for mixing things up. Poker is so much more than NLHE. Once you're comfortable with stud 8 try the draw games like 2-7 triple draw and Badugi. This is where things get really exciting as you see no one's cards, you have only betting patterns to go on. Enjoy!
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