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PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:50 pm
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player wasnew to table, but given his stack size, figured he could be shoving anything 22+ and T9s+ with blinds about to hit him. wife who plays thinks its a fold, though shes very results oriented.
BurninBrawlers(MP) $15000 - VP:100 PFR:0 AF: W:100|100 STL: 3B: CB: N:20500 Hands:1
build59(MP) $47170 - VP:21 PFR:10 AF:4.0 W:14|100 STL:33| 3B:6|100 CB:0| N:16720 Hands:42
SquareRoute(MP) $19229 - VP:25 PFR:0 AF: W: STL: 3B:0| CB: N:-3500 Hands:4
grinderkaindog(LP) $43572 - VP:17 PFR:9 AF:3.5 W:0| STL:50|100 3B:0|0 CB:80|67 N:28322 Hands:99
Me(CO) $36929 - VP:24 PFR:12 AF:5.8 W:22|75 STL:88|25 3B:7|100 CB:79|63 N:6994 Hands:181
offdabeatz(BTN) $127258 - VP:23 PFR:14 AF:3.0 W:40|100 STL:0|100 3B:0| CB:100|0 N:23695 Hands:22
playinforchees(SB) $67457 - VP:16 PFR:12 AF:2.3 W:24|40 STL:0|100 3B:5|100 CB:78|33 N:44944 Hands:180
candyskeeper1(BB) $148879 - VP:32 PFR:14 AF:2.0 W:43|67 STL: 3B:0|100 CB:100|0 N:91369 Hands:22
Dainiuxxx1(UTG) $20318 - VP:17 PFR:12 AF:3.3 W:35|75 STL:20|50 3B:10|50 CB:64|67 N:5248 Hands:181

Pre Flop: Me(CO) with [Kh,Js]
Dainiuxxx1(UTG) folds, BurninBrawlers(MP) raises 14750, build59(MP) folds, SquareRoute(MP) folds, grinderkaindog(LP) folds, Me(CO) raises 36679, offdabeatz(BTN) folds, playinforchees(SB) folds, candyskeeper1(BB) folds

Flop: (Kc,6c,3d)

Turn: (Ad)

River: (9c)

BurninBrawlers(MP) shows [Ah,9h]
Me(CO) shows [Kh,Js]
BurninBrawlers(MP) wins 35500
Returns 21929 to Me(CO)
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