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PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2016 6:55 pm
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The day of the event is Wednesday here in the Philippines  May 25, 2016.

The locationwell lets keep it anonymous since this poker room is a decent and improving place albeit it is sad to see some questionable decisions made by the floor managers especially one Mark Tan.

It was the final table and an Orlando Dupo pushed all-in with 35,000 and the chip leader Ed Peralta is Big Blind with almost 200,000 chips and the blinds was 15,000/30,000.

5,000 to call. Would you have folded?

Scratch that: Would you, a floor manager, asked if it was ok to fold, allow this massive chip leader the option to fold?
Worse, the profile of the player is a known caller so one end you have the possible case of collusion, on the other end?
You have the possible case of player stupidity.

As if the night was still young, Ed Peralta would do the same later on except with a slightly bigger more justifiable amount to call (and a revealed hand of A 10 versus the original scenario which was suited connectors) and the floor manager penalized him for one orbit.

So now you have floor manager inconsistency on top of players complaining (except the ones in the actual final table never stopped the game) and only one Caliao Sequite got frustrated and immediately went all-in as a form of protest.

This isnt the first time it has happened and in a previous incident, a player (albeit a poor player by the standards of those who are deemed not worthy enough to be considered VIP players) eventually got banned for a year when he folded a powerful set of cards albeit to an even better hand (based on his estimation) and it was deemed collusion because he was friends with his fellow poker player.

As if we werent in the most urban morally backwards place in Asia already, the argument headed into MyHolyShitBatmanThisisStupid territory when the superior floor manager explained that not only was there no proof of collusion but it was up for review and yet still argued that it was up to the player to decide the hand so long as he asks permission from the floor manager how to play his cards.

The coup de grace to this is that the rule in this poker room has unknown to most players changed and there is no one chip rule and you can angle a single chip cause what used to be the rule is now not a rule.  a consequence of changing management? poker degrading? or simply amoral bureaucracy?

I would rather not debate on the matter. I would simply beware of these floor manager decisions (its such a popular place that you wont miss it if youve been around the Ortigas area here in the Philippines) and of course of these named players especially when they have leaderboards in which prize money is handed out depending on the points you gain based on your final table standing and Orlando Dupo is among the top 5 gunning for a spot at a big pay-off.
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