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PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:59 am
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Hi Guys,

The Norwegian Poker Championships will be held in City West Hotel, Dublin.

The event will be played in City West Hotel from Friday 4th to Sunday 13th April.

Anyone who played last year will agree this event was huge!

This year we will be going bigger and better.

We are expecting over 2000 players to attend the festival.

With 57 tournaments ranging from €60 to €2000 there's something for everyone's bankroll.

Last year we had 50+ cash table most days.

Friday 4th April
€150 NLH Deepstack 8pm

Saturday 5th April
€500 Limit Hold'em 6-Max 2pm (Norwegian Only)
€60 NLH Turbo 2pm
€80 PLO Turbo 4pm
€250 NLH 6-Max 6pm
€150 ROE 6-Max 8pm
€100 NLH Turbo 10pm

Sunday 6th April
€1100 NLH Heads-Up 12pm (Norwegian Only)
€250 NLH (€100 Scalp) 2pm
€60 NLH Turbo 2pm
€1100 HORSE 4pm (Norwegian Only) 4pm
€150 NLH Deepstack Turbo 6-Max 6pm
€150 NLH "Win the Button" 8pm
€100 ROE Turbo 10pm

Monday 7th
€800 PLO (Norwegian Only) 3pm
€60 NLH Turbo 2pm
€250 NLH 6-Max 4pm
€80 PLO Turbo 6pm
€200 HORSE 8pm
€100 NLH Turbo 10pm

Tuesday 8th
€60 NLH Turbo 2pm
€2000 NLH Highroller 8-Max 2pm
€300 NLH Ladies (Norwegian Only) 4pm
€250 PLO 6-Max 4pm
€80 ROE Turbo 6pm
€150 Open Face Chinese 8pm
€100 NLH Turbo 10pm

Wednesday 9th
€800 Norwegian Championship Main Event Day 1A (Norwegian Only) 2pm
€60 NLH Turbo 2pm
€350 NLH 8-Max 4pm
€150 NLH Deepstack Turbo 6pm
€150 PLO Hi/Low 8pm
€150 Super Hold'em (3 Card) 10pm

Thursday 10th
€800 Norwegian Championship Main Event Day 1B (Norwegian Only) 2pm
€60 PLO Turbo 2pm
€350 NLH 8-Max 4pm
€100 NLH Turbo 6pm
€150 Binglao 6-Max 8pm
€300 VIP (Invite only) 8pm
€150 NLH "Rivers" 10pm

Friday 11th
€60 NLH Turbo 2pm
€150 ROE 6pm
€150 Paradise Pick'em 6pm
€150 NLH Shoot-Out 8pm
€100 NLH Turbo 10pm

Saturday 12th
€400 NLH Turbo (Norwegian Only) 2pm
€80 PLO Turbo 2pm
€350 NLH 8-Max 4pm
€250 Mixed 8 Game 6pm
€150 NLH Deepstack Turbo 8pm
€150 Inbetweenies 10pm

Sunday 13th
€80 NLH Turbo 2pm
€150 Pot-Limit Sviten 6-Max 2pm
€150 NLH Deepstack Turbo 4pm
€150 PLO Deepstack Turbo 6pm
€100 NLH Turbo 8pm
JP Poker Christmas Cracker
25,000 Guaranteed 1st Prize
Sat 4th Jan'14
Village Green Card Club, Dublin
Main Event 1000 (60 Reg)
30k Chips
30 Min Blinds
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