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Straight Flush

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:41 am
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UKIPT Nottingham: Ahmed Leads after Elimination-fest Day 2

There was a real sense of progression here at UKIPT Nottingham this Saturday, as the 346 total survivors from all three sell-out start days combined at the tables. The first chunks of the £1,137,500 prize pool began to be awarded as the field shrank to 207 players, and beyond. So fast was the attrition rate – including through the bubble period - that just seven hour-long levels passed before play was called to a halt for the day.

At this point, Iqbal Ahmed had emerged at the top of the remaining 76 players, his neat stack of 1,580,000 so huge that it was encroaching on his neighbours’ table zones. This is a chip lead such as dreams are made of – his nearest stack rival is Grant Pirie with 1,019,500, and no one else has broken the seven-figure barrier.

Name Country Status Chips
Iqbal Ahmed United Kingdom PokerStars Player 1580000
Grant Pirie United Kingdom 1019500
Liam Batey United Kingdom 896500
Nathan Kiely United Kingdom  PokerStars Player 869000
Devron Hasselnook Netherlands PokerStars Player 782000
Jack McDermott United Kingdom PokerStars Player 766000
Keith Ridley United Kingdom  638500
David Hudson United Kingdom 635000
Christopher Brammer United Kingdom  PokerStars Player 616000
Jamie Dale United Kingdom PokerStars Player 604000
Craig Burke Ireland  PokerStars Qualifier 562500
Lee Atherton United Kingdom  PokerStars Player 561500
Jason Herbert United Kingdom 550000
Timothy Clarke Australia 528000
Sharbel Koumi United Kingdom 515000
Sean Byrne United Kingdom 511000
Lee Dixon United Kingdom 497500
Majid Iqbal United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 480000
Tom Kugelstadt United Kingdom 444000
Warren Bennett United Kingdom 412500
Emyr Wyn Lewis United Kingdom 406000
Timothy Chung United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 389500
Ish Patel United Kingdom 386000
Mark Karoullas United Kingdom 368000
Veronika Pavlíková Czech Republic  PokerStars Qualifier 360000
Neil Harvey United Kingdom  PokerStars Player 358000
James Rann United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 336500
Jason Beazley United Kingdom  PokerStars Qualifier 294000
Nick Woodward United Kingdom  281000
Michael Howard United Kingdom PokerStars Player 270500
Costas Constantinou United Kingdom 265500
James Cummings United Kingdom 262000
Paul Mctaggart United Kingdom  PokerStars Qualifier 257500
Björne Lindberg Sweden 238000
Jay Scott United Kingdom 230500
Scott Van Der Vliet United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 215000
Ben Dobson United Kingdom 212500
Gareth Teatum United Kingdom  PokerStars Qualifier 208500
Paul Nunes United Kingdom 205000
Guy Webster United Kingdom 203500
Kin Wong United Kingdom 199500
Chihao Tsang United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 194000
Przemek Piotrowski Poland  188500
Kevin Iacofano USA PokerStars Qualifier 183500
Edward Roger United Kingdom  PokerStars Player 177000
Neil Rogers United Kingdom  171500
Hasmukh Khodiyara United Kingdom PokerStars Player 168500
Ian Senior United Kingdom  167000
Kenny Prazer United Kingdom 167000
Mateusz Matla Poland  PokerStars Qualifier 164500
Shean Smith United Kingdom 154500
Sami Yusuf United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 147000
Jonathan Mccann United Kingdom 145500
Barry McMahon Ireland  144000
Michael Leng Germany PokerStars Qualifier 140500
Seun Oluwole United Kingdom  PokerStars Player 139000
Richard Pearce United Kingdom  PokerStars Qualifier 138500
Pawel Czartoryski Poland  137500
Nick Singh United Kingdom 134500
Paul Haycock United Kingdom 134000
Carlos Citara Argentina PokerStars Qualifier 133500
Bartek Palka Poland  PokerStars Qualifier 129000
Robert Baguley United Kingdom 128500
Joerg Wilms Germany  127000
David Thompson United Kingdom 122000
Mukesh Morjaria United Kingdom  121500
Mark O'Connor Ireland PokerStars Qualifier 118000
David Hughes Ireland  117000
Phil Long United Kingdom PokerStars Player 115500
Richard Evans United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 106500
Tina Bandyle United Kingdom 101500
Huang Guoxun China 85400
Danny McHugh Ireland  82500
David Prince United Kingdom PokerStars Qualifier 80000
Richard Milner United Kingdom 75000
Máni Elmarsson Iceland PokerStars Player 67500
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