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PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2007 12:19 am
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The Money League
Premiership () Europe Cups Total
    ManUtd 30.58m 28.9m 2.95m 62.92m**
    Chelsea 30.97m 26.4m 3.27m 60.15m**
    Liverpool 28.44m 26.0m 0.27m 54.71m*
    Arsenal 28.60m 13.90m 1.63m 44.14m
    Tottenham 27.21m 2.0m 1.34m 30.55m
    Everton 25.55m xx 0.12m 25.67m
    Bolton 24.63m xx 0.48m 25.11m
    Reading 23.64m xx 0.78m 24.42m
    Portsmouth 23.15m xx 0.33m 23.47m
    Blackburn 22.24m 0.8m 1.64m 24.68m
    AstonVilla 22.23m xx 0.27m 22.20m
    Middlesbrough 20.77m xx 1.07m 21.84m
    Newcastle 21.21m 1.0m 0.27m 22.48m
    ManCity 21.37m xx 1.02m 22.39m
    WestHam 20.71m 0.1m 0.18m 20.99m
    Fulham 20.26m xx 0.52m 20.78m
    Wigan 18.58m xx 0.12m 18.70m
    SheffUtd 18.00m xx 0.12m 18.12m
    Charlton 18.00m xx 0.12m 18.12m
    Watford 17.02m xx 0.96m 17.98m

* An extra 2million if win Champions League
** An extra 1million to FA Cup final winners
Premier League earnings: Prize money (max 9.7m, min 487,000); TV cash (8.9million per club plus 340,000 or 250,000 for each live Sky game, depending on timing and whether PPV game); Overseas TV, sponsorship and licensing money (4.02m per club).
European: Champions League earnings (TV money and performance bonuses); Uefa Cup (TV money and peformance bonuses)
FA Cup: Prize money (40,000 for third round win rising to 1m final win); TV money (150,00 to 265,000 per live match).
Carling Cup: 100,000 for clubs in a live televised match.
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