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I used to play some Limit Texas Hold'em and read the book "Hold'em on the Come" by Rolf Slotboom and Dew Mason, which apparently applies only to Limit Texas Hold'em; but, I don't know why. Some of the concepts would appear to be applicable to both. I now play mainly NL, but mostly at subscription sites, which is a waste of time, even though I have won about $800 in the last year of free play at NLOP.

The information about modified outs, implied odds and draws would appear to be applicable to both NL and Limit.

The main differences I see are that I need to know more about the range of hands that my opponents would play and whether he/she plays polarized ranges in NL, bet sizing, etc. And, of course, I can lose all my chips in one hand in NLTH.

This is another topic about a book review written by Rolf Slotboom about a book written by David Sklansky where Sklansky states that it is easy to make $50,000 per year playing $3/$6 NL. Rolf states in his review that Sklansky probably never played $3/$6 in his life and it would be very difficult for anyone to do that.

I can't find the review. Does anyone have a link to where I can find that review?


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